Train Your Brain

I discovered this awesome feature on my Iphone…podcasts. (I think they call it stitcher for Android)  Its been an eye/ear opening experience. Its my personal development. (Mostly its been business development focused, but as I learn more about business building I gain confidence in myself.) These podcasts makes my brain so full of knowledge it sometimes makes me feel like its going to explode. I often find myself so thought provoked that it leads to many other thoughts and ideas. So, I decided to set up a place where I can share with you what I heard as well as where it leads me in my thoughts and ideas.

Here an interesting series that I had to write about… (You can listen to the podcasts too!)

Check out the Body Shaming Series

Personal Development:  What the heck? Well…if you are breathing you are changing…thats constant, you can let your environment change you or you can be deliberate with your environment & its influences, As a Beachbody coach, one of the 3 Vital behaviors is personal development. I actually do enjoy personal development, I love to learn about myself and others, I like to find out why people do the things they do (that is something I really love, people watching and really trying to understand and empathize. believe me, that is a learned action) However, I really hate to read. Im really not that good at reading, its kind of exhausting. Being 100% honest, I avoided this behavior…until someone said if you can’t/won’t read, then Just listen to it. I spend a ton of time commuting (like 26000mi/yr), so why not turn my commute into something more than frustrating misery, lol. Hmmm…

Top Personal Development reading options:   Check out the list

What is a Podcast? How did I get started listening to podcasts?

A few months ago my favorite leading lady Chalene Johnson, started a couple podcast channels, I love to listen to this woman, she offers advice and recommendations on business building as well as living your best life by design. ( Click here for her podcasts ) Which then lead me to many other podcasters…Lewis Howes (School of Greatness), JJVirgin, & ShaunT (Define your Life) to name a few. Ive been able to turn my car and my free time into Learning time.

 These are at the top of my list right now…but who know, I may find a few other great ones like (The Fat burning man or Primal Paleo) You can search for anything and if there as been a show that was about that or a celebrity you like you can find it.

I’ve decided we can share our thoughts right here.

I totally welcome your comments and your conversation…nasty and negative will not survive. I chose not to engage in that type of warfare/commentary. I will not respond, comment or warn anyone, your comment will simply be deleted…(its my party, thats the rules)

Let me know if you want to know anything specific about podcasts…except how to make them, I havent figured that out yet?


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