Holly’s Hobbies…

So here you will find all nthings that Im interested in that basically just dont make me money! LOL I seriously have a million “Hobbies” or “Interests”  but the common demonator is LAUGHTER. I love to laugh & I love to unwind with mindless things especially TV. I love to watch reality tv and competition shows, I enjoy watching diva drama…it makes me laugh.

Here are some of the things that are on my DVR every week

So You Think You Can Dance     read my atest review here

Housewives of…You name the city, I love it. I never miss a recording!

Bachelor & Bachlorette


Greys Anatomy

How to get away w Murder

The Following

Parenthood ridiculously sad this series ended

Master Chef

Hells Kitchen

Anything Gordon Ramsey

Food Network Star

Southern at Heart #teamDemaris I love this goofy southern chic! She makes me giggle bc shes so flippn silly…I think we would be the best of friends.. I wasnt so sure about her on the competition show the next Food Network Star, but as the season went on I fell for her, then her show came out & Im in love. Shes my Sunday morning treat.

Worst Cooks in America

Mike and Molly  every sgl character is hilarious!

2 Broke Girls  when this show first came out, I hated it! I hated Max especially…but her snarky humor wore me down. The comedy writing is sorta raunchy, but its consistent & funny

Ray Donovan

Nurse Jackie did it really have to end that way…Did she die

Breking Bad

Better call Saul

Masters of Sex

Stay tuned for reviews and updates of the current season/episode! I promise there will be spoilers if you havent watched…


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