Don’t ask, Don’t tell… 

Don’t ask, not tell. It sort of has a whole new meaning, these days 

Have you ever heard of it? Do you know who this policy protected? What genius came up with this brilliant idea? Did it work? 

Well, we have to go back to 1993, prior to that when a man or woman that has announced or were caught in a same sex relationship, they were not permitted to serve in the US military. It was thought they were weak, mentally disturbed, unstable, a threat. They could even be court marshaled & imprisoned, if caught engaging in this behavior as active duty soldier. 

 Then President Bill Clinton, decided that if the LGBTQ community (it wasn’t called that) would just keep it to themselves, it would no longer be an issue. If they would keep their beliefs to themselves, like Nobody ask and you promised to keep what you do in your home your business, then the US military, could USE that  Gay person to serve our country in peace and  battle!  I’m serious! 

This policy wasn’t just military, it became the norm for all industries. No flaming queens running around in dresses, no manly females wearing suits, ties, work boots, or short hair. (Those were the stereotypes) THERE WAS NO TOLERANCE for anything out of the NORM…which became the real question. What is normal?  Good question, huh? Well, I think, in the LGBTQ community the lines of normal are still being defined. ((And that’s a whole other post) 

“Dont ask, dont tell” was the DUMBEST policy ever. It didnt work!  It wasn’t fair, it didnt promote equality, it didnt promote peace or understanding. It was eventually revoked. 

Today, LGBTQ community is welcome to serve their country, adopt childeren, get married, share insurance benefits, be open and who ever they feel they were meant to be. Almost anything, goes. 

But that didn’t solve the issues either… We still deal with finding tolerance, equality, peace and understanding in our communities.  There are still people being oppressed, stifled, told to mind their business. Keep their Love to themselves, to hide how they truly feel. They can feel and act anyway they want but they are not allowed to practice or preach their beliefs in public. 

There are a few people that dont agree with them and they have become the blowhorn of hate.  

What is this Injustice I speak of? Well, its sealing about God. What? Who? Isn’t God the root of real problem? (Well I can go on  a tangent here… Jesus preached LOVE, Tolerance, equality, forgiveness, instructed us to love the unloveable, not to hate, not to exclude, he found himself amongst the sinners and the sickly more than with the righteous, kind and loveable. 

Back to the injustice: I’m not allowed to talk about, praise, worship or speak the truth of the Bible in public.  Its not apropriate for me to be flamborant in my Love of God. It may offend someone. They may not understand, they may feel uneasy bc they dont act my way, they may not believe what i believe. They may believe in someone or something else. And they have the right to share that with the world!

Today, our military, government, and communities have a whole new Dont ask, dont tell policy. It still doesn’t promote equality, peace, understanding… what don’t people want to know about? That You believe in GOD (what’s wrong with you? You’re probably one of those crazy BACs (born again christians), Bible banging, judgements, self righteous, over the top perfect types. There is no proof this Jesus existed and God created the Heaven and Earth and everything in between, you’re a radical and I just dont want to hear your rubbish anymore! #tolerance​

But if you believe in anything or anyone else, its all good. We dont want to offend other choices…But if you’re a Christian…nobody wants to hear about it. Nobody wants your kind around. Just mind your beliefs in your own home. Nobody wants to hear or see anything that has to do with God.  people of faith are just a bunch of mislead folks that have had the floor for way too long. As long as they don’t say anything, we wont ask and we wont be bothered by it. What? #AMIALONE  I believe that other religions are much more tolerable in public than Chriatianity… WHY?  

I dont have the answers. Other than, we, as Christians have let the minority rule. We have gotten quiet bc we believe it’s unfair to infect others with our beliefs. We dont want to push ourselves on non believers…WHY? I ask again, why? Is there not enough room in heaven? Are we the judge & jury of who gets in and who doesn’t? Those that had to stifle their love life fought hard to live out loud in the open. They fought hard to be EQUAL. They still fight to be heard bc they believe their way is the way of the truth! 

And maybe that’s the problem…do Christian’s really know what they believe. Bc if you did, you couldn’t shut up about it. I’m serious! The promises of God are so freaking amazing that you want to speak it from the highest mountains. Maybe we all have gotten so far from knowing what we believe that we are willing to be silenced bc we aren’t sure what we believe is TRUTH. Or maybe we are so afraid to not have all the answers that we’d rather not bring up the subject bc all the religious lines have been set in stone and they are so rigid and nothing is new… REALLY? I believe God has the same message from the beginning ,but how we define Love has changed. And what was Normal in religion is constantly being defined. 
All I want to say Is: I’m coming out of the CLoset. 

I believe in God, He is the only way to  everlasting life. I believe my time on this earth is  a temporary layover to the promised land. I have a responsabilty to share that with the world. If you don’t agree, That’s ok. I want to hear what you have to say, as long as you’re willing to listen to mine. Tolerance, equality, understanding, peace and LOVE. Most of all God is love, and if that’s the only thing I can convince you of then I did my job. I speak from my heart and from a place of pure peace. Most of my words aren’t even mine..I dont know how they flow from me. #devineintervention. 
Thoughts? Comments? Emotions? Anything? Come on, I’m strong enough to handle what you got to say. 

Do you believe it is God that is the new problem in town? Do you think its ironic that some religious speakers have great angst to a growing LGBTQ community and it is the Church that is suffering? I do and I dont.  

I believe that God is the creator of all things good and bad, He created each of us uniquely and by hand. He counted every hair on our head, then he certainly created people to love one another.

 I don’t believe gender is the issue. Yes, the Bible does have a passage that says 2 men should not lay together. And another that says due to your sins your women will lay with each other. (Paraphrasing) And that is a punishment and sinful. But that was a different time. it was to punish the sinners, to kill off the offenders of the word. And it was before Jesus.   I just had to add this…I promise, I will go into detail in another post about this. 

But for now…I’m out of the closet. I am going to be flamboyant for God. I’m going to talk about Him publicly, And if you dont like it…its ok. I love you but I wont let your uncomfortable nature stop me from pursuing my creator! 


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