Are Giants taunting you? Are you Slaying or shivering?

I joined a virtual prayer writing group a couple weeks ago. Prayer writing group? What? Ya’ll just sitting around writing prayers…why? Well, it’s to get my mind right! It’s not exactly a Bible study but we do get into the Bible. It is creating habits of reading scripture, processing it and then being a mindful prayerfilled servant. 

What is Prayer? It’s really just the language you use when you talk to God. In some practices is very formal and repetitive and structured, some may even say rehearsed, habitual not heartfelt. In this form, it is structured but not rehearsed we P R A Y…praise, repent, another (pray for others) Yourself. I like this way of thinking bc, I sometimes just act like God is My servant. Ya know, God i need, I want, I wish, why didn’t you do this, why did you do that, get me this, fulfill me that…ya know what I’m saying? I was feeling a lot selfish in my prayer life 

And I was struggling with finding time to Pray, devote, schedule my mindful time…I was failing bc I wasn’t making it a priority. SO, I prayed. God help me surround myself with ladies that are on similar paths that I can commune with and share my Love & understanding of God with. I asked for it…and I found it!  

I was also hearing that the more your fill your cup with goodness first thing in the morning, the less bad things could penetrate my being as the day went on. And I was kinda gettting angry a lot! So, I prayed for more structure and guidance and less distractions and loss of time. And this was answered too. 

And I needed this to be more M-F than weekends, my schedule is much less mine on the weekends…you know it, that was answered too! 

The prayer writing group releases a Verse 5a Daily,  M-F! The goal, a quick glance in the FB group, then get that Bible open, mark the pages, fill my mind with Promises from God, pray and breath deep. I also have found a couple podcasts and another daily verse book. It has become my routine. Wake up, put on earbuds, listen to podcasts (while I wander around the house waking up, cleaning, getting organized), get my 2 verses that often lead to chapters in the Bible, write in my prayer journal, check back in the Fb group to share some of my lessons, write a blog, check in with my Smartlifejournal, brain dump, organized, prioritized and Start my day clear, full of goodness and affirmations, and focused. All of this happens before 10/11am. 

***sidenote: Remember: I’m my on boss, I own my own business(es) so my hours & availabilty are  different than many. One of my biggest goals when becoming and entrepreneur was to control my hours, schedule, LIFE. I dont really like being told what when where or how to do.  I kinda feel like I’m unemployable. I’m a great employee but my biggest FLAW…you want me on time? Another story for another time****

This week our focus is Fear…the other F word ( as my friend Mindy Lawhorne calls it) And remember I’m using 3-4 sources of spiritual references. Not one is connected to the other, (except God) some are current, some are older…but they are all talking about Fear & conquering it. Is that possible? Ummm…when you are talking about God, all things are possible!

It’s weird, the more we study Fear the more, I really can’t understand why I’m afraid? 

Yesterday, I reheard the story of David & Goliath….you know the little stinky hairy red headed Shepard boy, bringing food to his brothers, who protects only Sheep 🐑 with a little slingshot & all the strength of God, killed that Giant in 1 swift throw! Bc he said & believed If God is with me who can beat me? 

All the men of the Army including davids brothers were terrified of this Giant, running from the daily taunts from that Beast…Not this Boy, no armor, no massive weapon just some sticks & a stone & the strength of God did what a thousand soldiers dared not do! 

That my friends, is Fearless living! And dang, a little boy slayed a giant Bc he Knew God would not fail him in this war! David KNEW that God already declared Victory so what’s the Problem.   People…do you hear? No fear or Giant is bigger or badder or stronger than our God! Amen!!! 

And that’s one of MANY promises. He’s got you, He will go before you and He will stand on all sides of you. You are protected. 

Does that mean nothing bad will happen…no. But whatever happens You will be Victorious! Sometimes “bad” things happen for us, not to us. They are crucial lessons that will lead us to our purpose. God does allow things to happen, but He never leaves us. He wants us to CLING to his promises. He always protects us. Do you ever think, that was bad but it could be worse… IT could be. But God stopped the worse! And your victory is on the other side of all that pain and FEAR and anger. He’s got shoulders strong enough for all your burdens. Turn to Him, PRAY. Sometimes, that Prayer isn’t going to be full of love and praise. And God can handle it! God, I dont know why you put me through THIS, This is bullshit, I don’t know why you allowed violence or murder or sickness or death and I’m angry. I’m mad at you, but I need you, GOD …I promise to praise your name and sing your praises WHEN you bring me through! 


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