How’s your Faith

I can remember the first time someone asked me that…

 I was in the “mall” in Defiance, this girl (about my age) and an older man approached me and asked me “Do you believe in God” It kinda freaked me out, and I totally had no idea what she was asking me…Of course, I believed in GOD.  (Let me explain…I didnt know there was anything but God. I only knew there were Catholics, Lutherans, Methodist. And those crazy arm raising peeps. I grew up in a small town, we didnt have internet, my exposure was small. Toledo was the biggest city I knew, LOL

ANYWAY, this girl started asking me something about a relationship and a few other deep questions… I dont remember exactly. What I DO remember is I felt angry, scared, confused…wasn’t my belief in GOD enough. #duh (I’m humored by that statement now) I kept saying, I believe that to  private, thats really nobody’s business, I’m not discussing this with you. I felt challenged and angry and STUPID, I realized I didnt like not knowing something, I didnt like feeling duped…a relationship w God. I mean, I had been going to church, I knew God, I knew what U believed…didnt I? And who did she think she was, I never her saw her before or after, I didnt know her. That’s something in my heart and its noones business…

Its been MANY years since that encounter.. I haven’t thought of that moment since, but it came to mind when I heard a word or two in my devotions. You see, Ive come a long way since that day. I almost believe that was a missed opportunity to move forward in my Faith. And I’m grateful, God never gave up on me. He kept coming at me, He kept sending Godly people into my life and many of those encounters ended the same way. I didnt get them, they were prying into my hard heart. If there was a God, well he skipped some of my blessings. I mean, if He was all good…He will never love me, I wasn’t all good. I come from some dirty living. But thats not how it works… Thank God! 

So, my question was How’s your Faith? I’m not asking to challenge you. I’m not trying to pry in to your personal relationship…I just want to share that since I realized I needed a relationship with Christ, my life has gotten a whole lot clearer and lot less angry. (Most of the time) 

I am not perfect, but I can see my progress. I also realize, PERFECTION is impossible. I dont get angry when I dont know or do wrong, I now realize Its an opportunity to learn or reflect! 

Am I alone? Did you feel angry when you read that or did you feel a need to reflect? 



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