New Year, New You…it’s not too late to start today! 

Hey yo! Happy New Year…this week I started a new Fitness schedule. I decided that Chalean Extreme and Piyo would be a great hybrid action! I really need to lift some weights. I also need to increase endurance, strength and flexibility! I have the All Access pass to the Beachbody on Demand feature, so I put a little hybrid calendar together. 

Whats my number one goal? Its really 2, increased strength and flexibility  Yep, strength and flexibility! They kind if go hand in hand. Did you know that you have a greater strength potential when your muscles are flexible?

 And, Ive noticed that Im achey a lot more than I used to be. I also have been taking a lot more interest in the Health of the Seniors, the elderly. Well, I don’t like what Ive seen. I realize, I want to live a longer stronger healthier more productive and fun filled life… It begins by not losing all that I have gained. What? Yeah, we have amazing amounts of muscles when are younger. As we age, especially as we close in on the hated MENOPAUSE…when we lose strength and muscle we also begin to reduce our bone density. Im already clutzy, I dont need to add fragile to that! And thats not all…as we reduce our movement (we sit more now compared to our childhood!) our Cardio health decreases. UMMM, thats a muscle that needs to work hard…harder if we are heavier. We end up stressing that muscle by not working it properly. Walking to that bathroom or the kitchen should not get you out of breath! 

And what about your Pulminary system! Umm, heavy breathing during exercise beats a damn nebulizer or asthma treatment or COPD or whatever else may cause you to have Oxygen pumped into your body when you’re old. 

Im on a roll today! Im done with the Hey gang, lets form a circle, sing a pretty little happy song and ignore the reality of the situation! We, me included need to take a look in the mirror. Look at the scale, take those blood tests, doctor exams, get hormone levels checked, whatever you need to determine your level Health. (And being on fewer medications than your neighbor does not mean you are healthier! It’s not a competition, therefore it is not a comparison game, You are a unique. Figure out YOUR health factors. 
Im not talking about pant size, but that does have something to do with it! A skinny body is easy fix, right? …starve yourself, over exercise & be miserable! A healthy body takes a whole different level of work, commitment, discipline, and focus.

 Healthy saves your life! In general, a healthy person is more in tune with their body. They know when something is just a little off… a little off, can actually be a trigger to see something thats really off. For example, my friends dad…exercises daily, watches what he eats, walks, golfs etc…had a pain in his ear, but not an ear infection. An ultra sound of the carotid, lead to a discovery of a murmur, that turned out to be 2 full blocked arteries and 1 partial, they also discovered damage from a previously minor heart attack which damaged a 4th artery…He ended up w a quadruple bypass. 

He had an ear ache! Whats the point, Hol? A healthy person doesnt hurt every day, they dont have constant aches and pains…they can feel something is WRONG. Had this man not been in such good shape, his heart would have stopped a long time before this. 
Please…take a look at all youre missing when you skip making your health your priority! 

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