Domain name Basics

Choosing the right Domain Name takes some thought and consideration. 

8 tips below to make sure you choose the right domain name for your website!

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1. Use Your Name, most likely You are the Brand:  (avoid cute or product brand names in your site, exp. might work today, but maybe next month youre into building a fitness business, it will be harder to get continuity with your following)  If you have a common, easy to spell name, then take it. If its not available, try adding the to the begining (theyourname). If your name is uncommon, easily misspelled or mispronounced, then you may want to rethink this option.

2. Make it Easy to Type : You want your domain name to be easy for people to type, especially if they need to remember it off the top of their head. Don’t include slang terms, word’s that can easily be misspelled like “ your “ and “ you’re “, and be cautious of using double letter words , especially if you are combining multiple words in your domain.

3. Keep it short: Most rememberable domain names don’t go beyond 3 words. If you do add on any additional words, keep them short.  (exp vs…makes sense?)

4. Use SEO Friendly Keywords: Use words related to your business and what you offer and serve. Not only does this help target your audience, but it will increase your rank on search engines. Example: You own a doughnut shop in Austin, Your domain should target your location and explain what you serve.

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5. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens: Domain names that include numbers, dashes and hyphens are easy to misspell and you’re always having to remind people it’s the #3 not the word three.

6. Research it: Make sure the domain you picked isn’t trademarked, copy written or being used by another company. This can lead to legal issues and result in your website being terminated. (just because the domain name may be available does not mean the name isnt already trademarked)

7. Use the Appropriate Name Extension: .com is the most widely used name extension, but also look at other name extensions like .co, .info, .net, .org, .biz, .me, .tv . Make sure you choose the right one for your business or service as they all have different meanings and should be placed appropriately.

8. Dont wait: If you do finally come across a domain name that is available and suits all of your credentials, then buy it asap! It may take a few attempts to find the right one that works, but when you find it, you’ll know and you won’t want to sit on it very long! Keep in mind you can have multiple domain names under the same website server, so get them while they’re cheap!

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