It’s not time to Party! 

YCE Chronicles Day 8


730 wake up + Fb, email, bank, bathroom time, 

830 out the door 

9-1030 client

1030-11 drive & listen 

11-12 workout/shower/Heath bet challenge 

12-1230 drive & Listen 

1230-130 Client

130-2 10 D.C. + BB Contacts, 

2-6 uber drive & listen 


8-9 blog post 

Good morning!!! Eyes open 2mins before alarm. Rested…right? What now?! I laid in bed until 745 scrolling my phone…examine sleep app, banking app (where is that deposit?) No worries..,it’ll work out. Bathroom…emails, unsubscribe, delete & deactivate account (I’ve never earned a client) get dressed, wrap that gift…where’s the tape? Idk?! Dang it…that needs organized! Move on gf…you’ll get to that!
  Out the door, warm up the car…damn it needs a jump again…alternator? Grab my stuff, on the road, turn on the radio: Grace in marriage. (God is a funny one!) running a few minutes behind…all is good, I needed to hear this msg (I’ll go back later to relisten is on again at 2!) 

Smiling clients make me Happy! In & out. Home…well, my tire is low, need air. Hope that fixes it…not going to get that workout done before next client! I’ll just clean the kitchen…Good, productive, needs done! 

1201, out the door! Listen to How to raise financial fit children (or something like that, I’ll add the direct link) Umm…genius! This woman is brilliant! I am & know many financially impaired adults that could use a child’s lesson to help them figure out their own financial troubles. Whoa #mindblown #teachababethe waysoftheLord 

1230 Client…she cracks me up. She has disabilities but she is not disabled. She hasn’t walked since she was 4yo & that’s never stopped we from reaching the highest mountains, if she decides that’s where she wants to go. I am beyond grateful for her. We’ve been together since 2004/5ish. Yeah… a long time. I was sharing a story about another appt, we laughed and she said…you have the weirdest clients. Yep…and I love everyone of them, quirks and all! 
145 I’m hungry, folks. I got to get my self some foods while I listen to Grace Filled Marriage. (Forgiveness security approval intimacy) 
  Well…1st this man was talking about a french braid, it looks like 2 pieces of hair woven together but it’s actually 3. And it made him think…A marriage looks like 2 people woven together but to make it beautiful it needs the 3rd piece seamlessly woven. What or who is that 3rd piec …God & His grace. 

A successful marriage is based on more than Love…in fact, Grace should sit at a higher place than even Love. 
What does Grace look like? 
How does God treat you when you disappoint him? Does he condemn, name call, stew, pout, ignore, silent treatment.., no He executes Grace! 
1 Corinthians 5:17
330-7 Uber: I couldn’t wait to listen to Pastor Tony Evans…this is a series about Detours. Prep, Purpose, Proof…they are from God! And today was no disappointment. 
Dad & dtr, Steeler fans frm Rhode Island, Westin William Penn to airport.

Lady w groceries, north side Giant Eagle to Troy Hill, 

Cpl of Asian students, Strip (Asian Market) to Shadyside 

Girl from strip to Cork Factory apts

Biz guy, flew in this am, still had his carry on , Isabella to Dbl Tree

Hispanic cpl, Ivory to Ross Park Mall 

7p Now what? I shld be headed to Kohls & post office, I need to deposit some money, do I need to go for groceries, I’m hungry, no food at home, that WordPress self hosting thing…but my brain is fried. 

 What to do, what to do. (Side note, stomach is grumbling… going anywhere but home might be my only option!) 
730: skip the stores, bank & straight home, order delivery…groceries can wait til morning, 
830 Head is pounding, stomach is grumbling…not going to be a good night. #theseguts #glutensensitive #glutenfilledbrownies #stillLearning #gutproblems 

This blog, may be the end of my work day. Except, I need a workout schedule…Piyo 3 days, CLX 3 days, 1 personal Turbokick day 

What’s on for tomorrow: 

1. Self Host my WordPress site, its semi in place, finish it

2. Resume 

3. 2 My Fierce Clarity, Bubble worksheets 

4. Write scheduled posts…

5. 10 Bb & 10 DC contacts 

6. Uber $ goal 100/5hrs  

7. Workout 

8. Video edits/MacBook iCloud dump 

9. CDF results 


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