How do we practice patience in moments of conflict.

Over the past 9 years, I have found strength in my Faith. I have always believed there was a higher power, I kinda understood the Trinity, but I didnt understand the Living Word, grace, mercy or a relationship w Christ was even possible let alone rewarding invitation. I saw the rules as restrictions not guidelines, expectations or boundaries. I have really changed my focus. I used to think I was in charge and it was all up to me! Now, I turn to Him. Ive been training my ears to listen when God speaks. And when you train your ears to hear, the Lord has lots to tell you! I have been studying the Word and asking for guidance so I can be pleasing to the Lord. I have a past, that’s not all too pretty, and if I didn’t understand the grace of God, I would feel so lost and useless. But there is proof in  the Bible that some of Gods greatest warriors were broken and mistake makers too! They had pasts full of sin, yet God used them. How awesome is that!? 
I find God everywhere, and He uses many situations and people to speak to me! Recently, my lessons were about Patience. It’s a huge struggle of mine…I’m not the most patient person, with family and other people I love. This particular lesson went on for a couple days…He was really pounding Patience down my throat…funny how the training begins long before the trial.

 How do we practice patience in moments of conflict.

Easier said than done, but we are directed to 

Remain quiet when verbally attacked,    Respond in prayer “God open their eyes, I’m falsely accused…” Don’t focus on the negative, don’t condemn them…Pray for them

Remain quiet…control your thoughts. You can’t focus on who they are…you will end up saying something you can’t take back. Focus on God…talk to him. 

Control emotions. Walk in a manner worthy of your calling. Holy Spirit living on the inside. 
Refrain from forcing our opinion. You can’t persuade stupid, silly, stubborn!
Be willing to listen without responding. Do not turn them off or tune them out. Just LISTEN. Don’t ignore. 

Parents: sometimes people (your kids) need to vent to people (you, their parents) that love them. Sometimes they are so full of something (frustration, hurt, hormones, etc)  that you need to let them get it out. Yes, that vile poison stings, its foul, profane & disrespectful sometimes…but its better out, to the ears of a safe adult,  the person that can discern its not personal…its steam. And sometimes your kiddos just need to blow!  

As adults…we may not have that safe place/person in the physical world but You have a right to say what ever you want to your Father. You cld skip the vent to God…you could try to correct & teach the folks that wronged you, falsely accused you, hurt you, pissed you off. Even if they are right or wrong…they aren’t ready to be accused by you! Your Father is here. He’s strong enough to handle all the nasty you got to say! No judgement. No hurt. No long term scars. 

Even if they Deserve to hear about themselves…

You always win by not responding 

Don’t be quarrelsome, be kind, patient, so encouraging, so positive. The strength of your testimony gets stronger & stronger. 

Psalm 27:14 let your heart take courage…Be patient 

Do not fret 

These are lessons, I’m still learning. I’m being put through boot camp regulary, it’s not actually getting easier, but I’m getting out of the negative space quicker. Heck, just this morning…I was filled with poison. It’s the same disappointment, the same issue I struggle with regularly. I was reminded that Grace and patience are most important. I removed myself from the situation, I stayed away. I shut my mouth. However, I did not open my ears to hear nor did I have an forgiveness, grace or mercy in my heart. But I was convicted and reminded…I have to do better. I have to try harder, I have to react in love, kindness, Grace, love, respect. Just as God responds to me when I disappoint HIM.You’d think, I’d be past this…the testing would stop… 

It’s in His timing, not ours.

Don’t be impatient for the act. In due season, He will bless you with every blessing 

Psalm 40:1 
Psalm 25:1 He is never too late. When we are patient we have the favor of God. 

Be patient 

Learn to be patient. We learn patience by WAITING. WORTHY OF THE CALLING, which we are. We will see a testimony of God

Pls give me one more chance, He knows we aren’t going to follow thru. He sees our weakness. If He is that patient w us, do we have the right to be impatient w them, the ones you love, the ones that love you, the ones that disapoint you. 

Give all your worries & cares to the Lord 1peter??  When you invite worry in, Faith leaves. When we take on the burden of worry, its an action of doubting that God has got it all handeled. And if that is true, what use is worry. Your worry wont change anything.  But that doesn’t mean Fear and worry wont show up… what then?  

Pray instead of Panic, Tell God your needs… if it’s not worth praying about, it’s not worth worrying about. It may be beyond your control but trust and believe nothing is out of Gods control. What do you pray? “Your promises are true, I trust you to take care of all my needs financial, relational, family, vocational, all your worries…(insert your need) 

Why me, why this, why now…WHY?

God says, I needed to take you through to take you To. Its a reminder of His mighty power. It’s to strengthen your Faith, your response time. And the perfect response, in all things…good and bad, trials and victories…Give them to God. It’s about your future welfare, your only salvation is in the LORD.
Don’t sit back & gripe about your situations. Fussing cussing & complaining blaming other folk for your situation, Ummm…stop blaming and keeping score. They have been USED by God.  God said, It was ME,  I SENT YOU into exile…I may have used those situations or ppl to do it. 

Now what? Wait? How long? What’s the plan? 

Welfare/wellbeing while your waiting for your blessing, BE A BLESSING, while your waiting for your Delivery, be a deliverer. Use it as an opportunity to share with others, it’s is more blessing to give than to receive! 

Do you remember the story of  Cinderella? She was treated as the help, she just wanted to go to the ball, like her step sisters. Then one day, her fairy God mother showed up … wld you like to go to the ball. She was transformed into a beautiful creature. She thought, her prayers had been answered. She was going to the ball, she met the Prince, her life was going to be MAGICAL. Then the cloc strikes midnite and BAM, she’s gone from Riches to wrags!  Back to her slave days, a night of fun but the party is over. As soon as she thought she got what looking for it’s Midnite. She wound up back where she came from…hard work, loneliness. But something was different. She had HOPE. Her perspective changed. The work didn’t change but her mind changed.  She knew in heart that someday her Prince would come… she did all her chores and dirty work with joy bc she knew things were going to change. She was going to be a Princess and she will never treat her servants the way she was treated! Her heart was full. She knew without a doubt her wildest dreams would comes true!

Well…you my sweet, may be in a situation where you are being used abused, forgotten, left at home, no party invitations either! And someday, your prayers will be answered… someday Our Prince will return! Its no accident that we worship the King of Kings, we are in His Kingdom, He is our Hope, through His love and grace, we too will become a Princess or Prince under Him. We too shall enjoy our days of chores with joy and delight, we should have hope that things will be better than our wildest dreams! One day the Prince of prince found me…He says you can go through these things with a smile. Bc he looking for you! He’s got a goal for you. 

Somethings are worth the wait Bc God is up to something Great! 
Do you believe? I do. And even in this season of trials, I turn to Him and trust in Him. I know He has something amazing planned for me. But if I don’t deal with these in small ways, I will never be ready to handle it in LARGE ways. 

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