Yacht club has entered open waters…full speed ahead! 

Thurs Day 4

730 awake + 15 min Fb scroll + print lice drs proof of visit & #MyFierceClarity bubble worksheet 
8a shower, get dressed + potatoes/veg for ribs 

830 start car + email check 

845 out the door 

930-1230 lice dr + 11a accountability call 

1230-130 errands Postoffice, book return, etc 

230-330 workout 

430-630 Janet & frank, color/cut x2 

7-8 eat veg out        
Well…that didn’t go as planned. I was doing fine, til the car didn’t start…no problem, jumppack! Vroom vroom, Omg…I need gas? I didn’t schedule time for gas. But the car is acting weird, it really must need gas. Boom, Gas, it’s on the way, 2mins away! 
Ummm, dead again! Jump it! Drive 6ft, stall. Holy moley, this is not part of the plan. Text client…it’s all good. I’ll only be about 15mins late. No problem! Client isn’t even awake, heater is on full blast, the lighting sucks…oh this is gong to be good. 

YCE Accountability call reminder on, signed on 10mins early, headphones on, work & listen! Boom! Now I hear…Battery level low, recharge battery…2mins before Nicole starts speaking. Nooo! Please Lord, let these bad boys last til the end of the call. 5mins in…phone is ringing! What? Who is calling me?! Don’t they know, I don’t answer my calls. Oh, it’s my brother, he never calls, what now! Goodbye Nicole, YCE Accountability call, I’ll listen later! 20mins on phone w Brother, still working on a clients head, headphones dead! It’s all good, I’ll be fine by 1230, the errands can wait, illl go help brother…except I need to stay another 2.5hrs to finish this client…what I thought I was doing took 2xs longer than I planned. 

 Ummmm…car dead, again! And it’s snowing. What the heck? Ppl don’t know how to drive in the snow or flurries or rain or sunshine…don’t get me started. Anyway, 30min drive now 45! I have enough time to go home, change my clothes, eat food & drive to the next client! Where is the headphone charger?!?!!! Home! Found it, charging, eat, sneak a little tv & a Snapchat or 2. On the road again…where are those headphones, at home on the charger…of course! It’s ok, I want to listen to the call, but no time…it’s Pastor Paul’s time…I find Pastor Tony Evans, I caught a couple minutes earlier & I needed to hear more! I’m late…how? I left on time! Dang snow! It’s snow, ppl, you saw it a couple weeks ago, remember! Geez! 
I arrived at my clients house…she has Alzheimer’s, her dog/best friend just died, today is 20yrs since her husband passed, she doesn’t even recognize her home, she’s forgotten her doggie, doesn’t remember she doesn’t drive, not sure she left the house today (eye doctor appt 2hrs earlier) And I love her! My heart breaks for her! I have to give her an anti anxiety pill…she asks if I’m trying to kill her. I said no, just offering you an anti-crazy lady pill. She slams it back w a ginger ale chaser. All is well…til I tell her to go look at her new hairdo, she asks me how to get to the bathroom. Awwww, this is her house, she’s lived there 55yrs, And she’s lost. Her son, is caught in slow traffic so I stay. He’s the caregiver that’s slowly gong crazy too. His doggie, his mom (she won’t remember him soon), anniversary of dads death, he needs a respite but who can help? Sisters have family & lives & are too busy. So I stay, I listen, I Love on him too. 

But that damn schedule…it went to hell and back, I can hardly mark a check on anything…but my heart is full. I said eff it and gave what I find most valuable…my time. I slowed down & focused on others. What I didn’t get done, can get done tomorrow…that’s the wisdom from my lovely client today. She kept repeating it…she didn’t remember offering that wisdom. I heard her, every time. And eventually, it sunk in. I was worried about my schedule. But my joy, true joy comes from touching people…not in a Pervy way. But a way that leaves them better, not just prettier! And to that I say Amen! I didn’t do too bad with my goal schedule after all! 

Score: 3/20 


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