A good cruise director can juggle thousands of schedules 

I am not a good cruise director, I can barely keep my head on straight, let alone a schedule that makes sense and I’m on time! But I’m getting better…at least better at recognizing my weaknesses!

This week has been a real struggle. 

I manage my client appts w no problems, I’ve got the timing down pact…i know how long services will take, i can manage my travel time and even allow for detours & rush hour. But when it comes to getting my own ish done, the stuff that doesn’t currently bring in money…its really hard. Reading my personal development books, listening to podcasts,  contacting potential clients, engaging in conversations with strangers, building relationships, doing my courses and the homework, following through with my ideas, prioritizing my course study and planning for application, execution, growth, movement, doesn’t pay me any money right now. Sometimes a money making activity gets prioritized over Learning, growing, dreaming. But that has gotten me Comfortable. It’s time to get UNCOMFORTABLE!

 I’m still trying to figure out education vs income. I’ve struggled with this ever since I had my first job. My education, social life, homework, projects have always took a back burner to a shift at work, a promotion, and opportunity to earn money! I’ve always felt experience is worth more than book knowledge. And to sit & learn but not hands on w immediate reward is not in my Comfort zone.

 Score: 40/100

#truth Not Bc I failed to plan, but I didn’t execute my plan very well. I was willing to let some things, too many things push to another day…and another, and so on. I didn’t prioritize. 

Next week…Brain dump, evaluate, prioritize, schedule, execute as designed…personal time which I live for, will be what has to be given up until the Work gets done. The right prioritized work!


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