This Ship has set sail, Day 1, 2, 3  

Well…I came late to the work party…but I did work! 

Hey y’all, I just want to say…I’m here! And I’m ready to do the work. Been mia soaking up as much time w Mr Mann as possible. He works nights, I work days…thankfully I am a FT #entrepreneur so I control my hours but sometimes…you gotta work. 

Anyway, excuses over. 2017 is the year, I show him how my online business(es) make more than his 8hrs at night job.  

      I have many Ys but the desire to retire him from his blue collar & promote him to my driver/travel coordinator/partner. 

Good news… I’m here and I got big plans Day 1, I honored my family priorities & 25% work (I sent a few emails about the Direct Cellars, had a mid morning client, and I listened to Lesson 2 of My Fierce Clarity)……end of the day 8/20

I did better but I needed more focus and control. Too much TV time, trying to decompress. Sometimes I look at my full dvr and want tot tick off those shows like accomplishments on my To do list. 

My client was more than 1 hour drive each way,  I spent over 5 hours with these people. That much face to face people time on top of the intense focus i needed with this hair project, my brain was fried! But i needed to keep moving… 

Score 🤔😳 10/20 

Wed,  I’m doing much better today! 🤣🤣🤣
Scheduling is hard! And I figured out, I have a lot of TIME. I’m also kinda struggling with Who I am & What I do. I’ve been feeling a tug in my stomach since the original YCE sign up form. Like I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 10yrs & I don’t actually have a business name. I don’t even actually know what I offer…I know what I currently offer as a traveling Hairstylist (but I’m also involved with Beachbody and Direct Cellars. I want to help people with basics of entrepreneurship on social media. I said I help people with their Look…physical fitness & beauty as well as your Social media Look. I know in my mind what that means but in words… 😳😳😳✅   

All that being said…I’m still plugging along. I’m defining, clarifying & designing my future. 

Today…improvements I actually got the schedule on paper for tomorrow too. (My schedule is different every day) I do feel more accomplished…even if I didn’t necessarily do my tasks in order “on time” I got my ish done. Some things had to get shuffled to another day and im good with that! 
Score: 12/20


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