This Cruise is slowly revealing something to me. 

Friday… 1/6 
730 wake up, quick shower 

745 start car

8 out the door 

830-1030 1st client 

1030-11 drive home 

11-12 work out

1230-2 2nd client 

230 Errands: barns& nobles, Kohls, supply house, post office

430 meet up for MacBook 

530 write blog 

630-730 shower & check Social media 


9-11 Bowling 
Well…isn’t it pretty & neat? Yeah, real near but did I stick to it. 

Ummm…Nope. I woke up…tired, headache, body ache, and 14 degrees. I decided to reschedule my first client & go back to sleep. Why was i so tired… that dinner I ate last night, Popeyes. I love that stuff but i know it’s not good for me, and my body hates it. I often feel like I’m hungover but I didn’t drink. If i need sleep, then I need to sleep. Right? 

 I can shuffle my ish around, I can still get everything done, it’ll all be alright! So, back to bed I went for about 1.5hours. I could still get to my workout by 10/1030a. But I just wasn’t feeling it…Blog, Ill write my blog. I grabbed my wireless keyboard, synced to my IPad, sat on the couch in the dark and let it flow. Mission accomplished…Ill shuffle the workout to later…its all good. 

Quick shower, clean off the car (its cold and snowy) and get out the door, 30mins to the next appt. I don’t even know what I’m walking in to. I know its a healthcare facility and the client is isolation… 

Well, she’s morbidly obese and she’s completely infested w lice & who knows what, her scalp is raw…the previous facility claimed it was MRSA caused by the lice bites. What? That is not possible! But these are the rules due to the diagnosis. I have to gown up & even wear gloves & a mask…  she’s isolated & these items are required to stay safe from infectious diseases! I go in…she’s basically naked, head half shaved & she just looks sad. I realize, she’s bed ridden, can’t stand without assistance, fall risk. I’m going to have to crawl behind the bed to even get to her head & it’s going to be a real pain the back & neck & everything else. It is what it is and they pay me by the hour…gotta get started. Add the oil, comb & omg its BAD! Like gross. I never get grossed out but now I’m pissed. What the hell did I get myself in to? Why did I agree to do this? What was I thinking! Never ever again! Never! I put on my head phones, dial up Pastor Tony Evens & I listen & I listen & I listen…purpose & proof trials are set up for growth. God uses people and situations to grow you, to bring you closer, to prepare you for More. 

And then something changed in my head & heart. This woman has been in & out of the hospitals… she’s obese. She can no longer care for herself…she relies on others to have her best interests at heart. Yet, she’s infested, her sores are infected, her blood is too, she’s in isolation, she doesn’t even have a gown in He facility that will fit! She’s not even 50! What the heck…yes, there was a day she could have taken steps necessary to change her situation. But she didn’t, and there are consequences for it. But no one deserves this kind of neglect. I asked the nurses for help, but they were double growing, double gloving, 2 shower caps…it was ridiculous! This is a human being! She deserves better. I need her out of bed, semi dressed, her hair shampooed and that poor excuse of a haircut needs fixed. I’m good at my job. I’ve removed the lice. I offered the haircut…they said fine, but she can’t leave her room. Will her wheelchair even fit through the bathroom door. (I’m serious, it’s a huge problem in facilities. The older ones were built before people started dieing from obesity. The beds are now bigger, the wheelchairs are bigger, the doorways need to be bigger.) She cannot walk. She can’t stand the weight of her body. It’s sad & pathetic all in one. I offer to shampoo Bc the nurses were freaking out. I got it. I’m leaving this patient in better condition than when I found her. And she’s going to feel like a human! At least for a minute. I turned on the charm, I was a real entertainer…and she felt great. And so did I. What i did wasn’t extraordinary…it was just what I do. I make ppl feel better! 

So my window of 1230-2, became 1245-245…I haven’t eaten, I still have to run some errands & meet that guy for the MacBook,, there was an accident so traffic is backed up…I’m going to have time for just Barnes&Nobles. Only 30mins til dude shows up, but I don’t want any of this food…at least not now. It’s blog time! That was filled w Snapchat instead. 😳🤔🙀🤣 ​ 
Dude shows up, i don’t even know if this is what I want. I’m starving…so hungry I’m sure going into a restaurant will only end badly, I really want pad Thai…no bueno, all the starchy noodles will make me fall asleep!  

Well, I didnt make it home, I stopped for a drink and dinner…Chicken Tortilla Soup and the waitress suggested these beer cheese fries. Well, lets just say if your like your beer cheese to taste like more beer than cheese, then you’re golden….me Not so much. 

Oh well, drinks were stong and for the most part I enjoyed myself. 
Quick trip home, decide its either nap or workout…Ill never make it to bowling if I don’t workout. So boom down I go…its only 27 minutes. I out on my headphones & punch the ish out of the air. Down to a 10min shower, slap on some hair (yeah, fake ponytail wrap it around and now I’m fancy!) Bowled a 330 series…not proud, but it is what it is. 

Over all, if i grade myself I would have to give myself a 7 or maybe a 10 out of 20. I didn’t get it all done in the order I had planned but I did get a lot done (yes, I give myself a bonus point or two for really listening to my heart and giving that client more.) 

Score: 7-10/20


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