I got on the Yacht!

What the hell does that mean! WELL, 2017 is about to be BIGGER because I made the investment to join an Elite community of amazing  Entrepenur minded people! And I’m going to share my journey with you!

Did you know, I’m an entrepreneur and Ive spent many years trying to figure this out, signing up for business opportunities, coming up with business ideas, always looking for the best way to earn money on the side so I can live the life I desire! #lifebydesign #workwheniwant #iworkaroundmylife #nolongerlivearoundmywork

I’m serious…Ive looked at every opportunity out there: makeup, jewelry, tupperware, candles, cards, fitness, wine and so much more. As you may know,  I truly found joy in the Fitness Business, it’s changed my life!  But success, has been relative…Ive kept it as a side business, so its earned me, side business coin! #duh #eyesopen (it’s not the opportuninty its how much time Ive given it!)

Ive also fell in love with social media marketing…I truly enjoy teaching others how to set up their social media plan, design and strategies! Ive signed up for a BUNCH of courses to learn more, I follow experts that already know & have experienced success with increased sales by social media engagement! Some have been FREE, and many have cost me thousands! Yeah, thousands! (Iphonefilmschool, Myfierceclarity, Instagram Impact, Courageous confidence club, Virtual business acedemy, Smart Success, Marketing Impact Academy, Slay your scope, 1K1day, Mia 2.0, 48hr film school, Pinfinty…I can keep going) Ive got the knowledge…but I don’t have any fancy letters behind my name or fancy diplomas to hang on the wall. BUT I earned and education!

The past 16 years Ive been a full time hairstylist, the past 9 years Ive worked as my own Business owner, Ive lived a comfortable life…not the dream life I want, But I Live more life and enjoy my work so much more. I always wanted to be a Hairstylist, I knew at a very young age and Ive done it! It’s great, I get to work with people, I touch people’s lives and now I go into their homes and get to know them so much more! I love what I do and I’m grateful for the skills & the compassion to feel other peoples energy…it helps me mirror them as well as find out what’s ailing them. Its my goal to not only leave my clients looking better but feeling better too. I know I could take my business to a higher level, but I’m not sure that’s what I want. I’m afraid that I will lose my love (again…that’s why i left the salon in the first place, it was a factory not a family) 

Until recently, I thought I couldn’t really combine all my passions…I didn’t have the confidence to really commit myself to anything but my hair business. It’s the safe plan: If I work, I get paid. The other passions…pay but not immediately maybe not even this month, lol.

So I joined the Yacht Club Elite to get focused, to not be the smartest person in the group, to be with people that will hold me accountable, that wont let imposter syndrome or other fears get in my own way! A group of people helping each other build their business…answering questions, offering free advice, sharing experiences and RFECEIPTS! This group is not free, and that’s ok, In fact, its the only way! Free doesn’t hurt! Free doesn’t feel like a commitment. But I know I will get ish done and I will earn that money back and THEN SOME!  

We set sail on January 1! I spent the first couple days still on Holiday vacation time…and then I got my ISH in line! And I’m enjoying the work…not really but I’m doing the work. Ill share all that I’m doing as time goes on. 

Can you get on this Ship? No, I’m sorry, we’ve set sail but I will keep you posted as if there are more opportunities to join in the future. 


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