Fashion inspiration

What drives you to Shop? 

It’s spring…or is it still winter (here in the East it’s a daily surprise!) The hardest part about season change is wardrobe (& allergies)…I suggest Layers! You can bundle up in the early morning & after the sun goes down, but you can somewhat disrobe when the sun is warm & bright.

Or are you shopping because you’ve built yourself a new life?  You NEED a change! You’ve lost weight, had a baby, changed your mind set, got a new boyfriend or job, had a birthday, going on vacation, business trip, high school reunion (it’s 25 yrs this year for me…absolutely not possible!) wedding, anniversary party, or because it’s Tuesday or any day that has an A in it? Lol 😉

My biggest tip for shopping…Have an idea but not a plan.

WHAT?  When you have a plan, it’s specific (looking for a short red dress w no flowers or a red Coach purse, something very specific) It’s a true outline of your desired results. But when you have an idea, it’s vague,  somewhat guided, but somewhat random!

How to get inspired ? scour the magazines or celebrity gossip mags, fashion shows (E!, Entertainment Tonite, Fashion Police, Inside Edition, etc), window shop, people watch, watch how things are put together…then hit the Internet or the mall. Shop Amazon here…

Why? I believe it’s important to set yourself up for success. When you’re being too specific, the fashion-verse may not work with you. You may be ahead (or behind) the trend. You may be inspired by NewYork or Paris Spring 2016 fashion week…but it doesn’t hit your store shelves til fall 2017, lol. (My small town friends, I feel your pain!)  You may end up disappointed, no one wants that 😜🤔😂

You’re inspired, now what? I’m all about Mix & Match! I mostly buy separates. It allows me variety & multi-use. Below you’ll see a bunch of ideas, mostly same color combos. You will see that you could mix any of these combinations together. You can dress up any of the casual outfits w some heels or a nice pair of boots and some jewelry or a great handbag.

Build it slowly!! Come now people, you can’t blow the budget all in one day! That’s another reason I love separates. I could buy that awesome leopard scarf, skinny blue denim & awesome boots this week, pair it with an already owned tshirt (white black red tan etc) Next month, I add the leather jacket & black jeans and a new handbag…voila, I got 3-4 new combinations. I will continue to add to the collection…I will continue to add other color combos to expand my options. Before you know it, you’ll need to start to purge.  (Did you know those awesome retail stores only want items that are less than 1 year old? You need to Luther sooner than you think to recoup any $$)


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