Picking up speed…

March 29, 2016

I think Ive found a rhythm and some peace in my workout routine. Im aware of what Im eating and when Im cheating myself. I cooked alot and it was yummy, really yummy! (I have a few pictures & simple recipes, keep scrolling) I allowed myself to have freedom on Easter, more for my family. They have this weird fear, Im going to be the food police. It is a personal policy of mine, to not force my beliefs on others. I certainly would like greater support and understanding from family but it really doesnt affect them. (they dont have stomach pains, food hangovers, spend the extra time in the bathroom, horrific gas but I make an exception for them. kind of backwards, huh?)

Heres how it went day by day (as much as I can remember)

Sun 3/20 I didnt do much of anything. I just needed a day to just rest…truth is I stayed up way too late Saturday night (I watched the opening race of the F1 season. F1 is back) so I slept in, slithered to the couch and watched tv all day. I pretty much only had my Shakeology and some awful Chinese food delivery. I wasnt really hungry so I didnt eat.

Mon 3/21  Busy hair travel day…I seem to like the pressure, at least when I comes to working out and eating healthy. I was away from the house 930-3p, Ive been following more of a intermitten fasting eating schedule, so I didn’t eat until about 1130, I had a Latte Shakeology & raspberries with avocado   ( a new fatty sweet snack, that Im loving!) After a couple clients, I stopped at the house for Chalene Extreme Burn 1, its a quick 37mins. I jumped in the shower to wipe of the stink, lol! Then off to meet my mom for hair supplies and a bite to eat. I had every intention to have a salad w chicken, but at the last second I went with the portebella  & eggplant on cibatta w a side salad. Yummy!!  Ran off to a client, headed home, had a Recharge shake and to bed!

Tues 3/22 Up early, had to go to the grocery (I mostly shop at Aldis) Grabbed some a bunch of fresh or as fresh stuff I could find (turkey breast, grassfed beef & spinach for meatballs, & roasted cauliflower

, bananas for banana oatmeal protein pancakes
(got the recipe from the Hangry Chef, Bret Johnson) grass fed, anti-biotic free chicken & lemons (another recipe inspired by the Hangry Chef) fresh raspberries , zucchini (zucchini & cashew soup), cucumbers and romaine lettuce (i rinsed & put in containers in front as soon as I got home)  I taught class at 5p…we decided to do #LesMills Combat 60, its a fun & intense workout.  (Its a former Beachbody workout program, they have since severed partnership… you do have the option of accessing something similar in an on demand feature thru LesMills. Ive considered it, But I have the on demand feature through Beachbody, and I have this program which has 8 or 10 workouts + I also have the LesMills Pump program) Anyway, its been over a year since I did this one, I missed it! Home for dinner…turkey breast with cauliflower. Late night “snack” of  Chocolate Vegan Shakeology.  Im not sure I ate enough, but I wasnt really hungry, so I didnt eat.

Wed 3/23  Another fun, long day (first client started at 10a, last client finished at 730p) I just didnt find the time to workout. And I was ok with that because I know my eating was on point! Protein pancakes w warmed blueberries, turkey breast over romaine, shakeology, meatballs w cauliflower. It also meant I had to commit to workout everyday the rest of the week. Early to bed! My body is still adjusting to sleeping longer, I notice I sleep more soundly with fewer bathroom trips if I have a shakeology or the Recharge drink from the performance line. (Learn more…here)

Thurs 3/24 Got up early because I thought I had an *am client…that tomorrow! Back to bed for an hour. Sure, I could have just worked out, but its class day! Plus I need to do Burn 2. Only one client, at 130…so my meals had to come with me. It makes it so easy to make a healthy choice quickly bc I already did some of the prep when I got home from the grocery. So,  I grabbed another avovado, some protein pancakes and raspberries & a Latte Shakeology packet. I had enough time to stop at home before class to have my Energize, grab a change of clothes & recovery drink for after. Lemon chicken with pasta & spinach for dinner.  Early to bed again, I have to be at an appt by 815a.

Fri 3/25  Happy Good Friday? Its actually not a day to celebrate anything…but people often forget what this day means. (Ill save that for another post.) Anyway, out early doesnt affect my eating bc I dont plan on eating until after 12 (12-9 is my eating window) so I just grab a bottle of water. Guess what I had for my first meal? You guessed it, protein pancake w black raspberries. I finshed up the lemon chicken no pasta over zucchini & cashew soup. (its my favorite recipe from the Ultimate Reset that I did a few years ago) And of course I had Shakeology. I also stopped in Giant Eagle (local Pittsburgh grocery store) for some sushi…they were having a special 2 for $10 (possibly a little scarey but it all stayed down, lol) I did a late night workout. I did almost skip it…want to know my excuse? Well, I didnt want to do the workout on the calendar…I kinda really hate Burn it Off, and I was in the mood for more #LesMills Combat this week, but I couldnt find the DVD. I had scheduled my workout to be done 1-3ish. I pushed it til 2ish, when i went to put the dvd in, I couldnt find it. It took me about 45mins to find the “safe”place I put it. LOL. I had to go to another appt so my workout had to wait. The key was, I really wanted to stop at my friends restaurant for some good eats and a margarita. This restaurant is close to my appt, if I had worked my plan as it was scheduled, I would have already gotten my workout in, but I didnt, so I had to go home with no good eats and no margarita!  Another early night…early morning appts again.

Sat 3/26  I have to admit, I love the lack of pressure I feel due to Intermitten fasting. I learned about this from a podcast Chalene Johnson did a really long time ago with Melissa McAllister, who has a ebook called the 8 hour Ab Diet. The gist of it is that you have an 8-10 hour window that you can eat. If its outside that window…you dont eat! Its simple. For me, I work backwards from when I will finish eating. For example…today we are heading to the inlaws for Easter dinner at 6, which means we probably wont stop eating until at least 11. (desserts, extras, left overs, late night snacking TRUTH) So I know I cannot start eating befor 2p. I will be with clients until 11, then Ill hit the gym for the last lift of the week at home by 1230, shower, relax, have shakeology, 2 scoops of Energize (it helps with energy, I will need plenty of it!) and then head over to eat whatever they have. I mentioned earlier, my family doesnt support my need to eat healthier. Its not because I think Im smarter or more advanced than anyone…I care about what I put in my body, that doesnt mean I dont enjoy the taste, its more my body lets me know when I dont make wise choices. So I ate the boiled ham, the potato salad, the corn souffle, the sweet potato souffle and the green beans (my contribution…they humor me & eat a little) There were apricot & nutroll cookies, pound cake with fruit (homemade fruit cake ?) and homemade chocolate eggs (this is the dream come true dessert but they are huge & hard to resist) My stomach hurt, I had gas (sorry truth moment) I  must have drank at least 4 bottles of water…and I like salt, but goodness.  I think we left around 11p, I stayed awake til 1 or 2am (yes, my eating window went far beyond my 9 hour goal) FOOD ZOMBIE walking…

Sun 3/27 Happy Easter friends…I did not go to church. I could hardly open my eyes, but thats an excuse. I didnt have any intention on going. Not sure whats been going on in my heart but Ive been off my spiritual path at least in a Church setting. I feel Ive been getting my word elsewhere…yet I feel a little guilty for not have gone. I dont know, something I have to address, huh?  Anyway, I felt drunk, my stomach hurt, it was disgusting! No more corn souffle & ham…except we brought home a bunch of leftovers and I wanted to eat it. Ha…even though it hurt my stomach, it tasted good, it made me feel a little comfort. Even though I know I have to pay the price. I had a little… Then we went out to eat. I had no food in the house to cook and the Central Diner in Robinson has really good food. I had the Pastitas or something like that, a Greek Lasagna w a bechemel sauce, side Greek salad, this amazing lemon chicken rice cream soup…it was delicious. We split the almond joy chocolate egg.  Pretty sure I made it to bed around midnight.

Seems like a fairly normal week…

what I can say, I need to celebrate some NSVs (non scale victory), I worked out 5 days, 3 lifts, 2 classes, 2 interval workouts, I cooked nearly every meal, I made wise choices…despite that  the scale wasnt friendly. Im hoping the issue was water retention from muscle fatigue and Easter food reactions. We shall see…

which brings me to a subject that has come up many times by many different people (Heres my friend Kiki from Eat more 2 weigh less, she gives great advice about health, wellness and fitness. I learn alot & I learn that Im not on an island all by myself. Im not surrounded my many fitness minded people. So, I enjoy chances to see that others think and feel the same way)

The scale is not the best indication of health. I know that. But I still struggle. I am focused on muscle mass, which means I need to be conscious of fat loss not exactly weightloss. I have to keep taking measurements and pictures, to compare to. I know the scale will move, eventually but I cant be discouraged when I see it go up or plateau even though Im doing everything right.





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