Gaining momentum…on this journey

 March 18, 2016 

Today is significant…1 it’s my cousins Bday Happy Birthday Michelle!!! 2. I took the first steps toward my fitness professional career πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. I went to my first certification class for Turbokick (now  called TurbokickLive)…I passed. But seriously, that’s not the hard part! Going there, meeting new people that spoke my language was so much fun! The hard began, the next day…what the efff am I going to do with this certification. (I actually never doubted that I would be a good instructor or that I could find a job.) What I did think would happen…people would take me seriously as a fitness professional. Beyond that, I really wasn’t sure where it was going to take me. I was damn excited to think someone was actually going to pay me to workout. #coolbeans #newcareer  #bestdecisionever #mademeconfidant  #soulmateworkout 

It took me about 2 months to find a job, it was a gift & a blessing. (I’ll share that whole story another time) I was grateful for the opportunity but if you do the math…it’s not really a paid position. Seriously, it was a labor of love. I spent a TON of time & money to stay current, to learn more, to be better, to become more knowledgeable. And I’m 5 years into it and I’m still grateful, but it’s no longer an income or a career. It’s a hobby that I’m lucky enough to have an audience to teach to. It’s all bonus! 

So how has week 3 gone?  Pretty damn good. I really feel like I’ve reached a new understanding of stress & how lucky I am to be in control!  

After my month off, I made a commitment to make a lifestyle change. A change that was needed.

 I will no longer be a slave to my fitness program! I will live my life by making wise choices.  I will look at exercise as a gift to myself…its what will make me smarter, kinder, more productive, more focused and have more energy. I give myself permission to listen to my body. 

How will I do this? Mainly, I will pay attention to my nutrition. I do use portion control containers (from Beachbody) I will consume More healthy fats & lean organic free range & grass fed protein & butter/creams (I’m not afraid of fat!) AND I will make a greater effort to eat more non starchy vegetable (also being sensitive to the vegs that are tough on the thyroid) I’m using these recipes (from Natalie Jill Fit, a very kind beautiful fitness professional I met last summer. Her story is incredible…she built her empire while pregnant, going through a divorce. She wrote a little $8 or $12 book, that has created a major change in her life. She’s as sincere as her abs are strong! Lol) 

Diet alone won’t be enough. I am going to incorporate exercise… I will do this by lifting heavy 3 days (with Chalene Extreme) , 2 cardio strength intervals, at least 1 stretch and strength (piyo) and teach no more than 3 fitness classes per week 

How did the week go? 

March 20, 2016 

This week was tough emotionally (still recovering from my Grandma Baileys funeral) which is why I thought I was so exhausted. I slept in Mon, had a few appts planned on working out, but I had no energy…in fact, I was asleep by 10. (Very unusual for me) Tues I slept in again, didn’t plan a workout before class…Turbokick w CLX Burn 2. Sure felt great mentally but I really had no energy. I was grateful for just 1 class member, early to bed again, even though I used Energize pre-workout. I also tried the Recharge formula from the Beachbody performance line. I slept like a baby, almost all through the night (I’m very restless when I’m stressed or worried) I woke refreshed with no soreness (I’m attributing that to recharge) 

Heres where #Tmi comes in…I realized Wed am why I’m feeling so exhausted, I got my period AGAIN. I’ve had a cycle every 3 weeks for the past few months. They are hard flowing, cramps, clotty & exhausting! I’ve had a 30day cycle w 2hard days & then 3 light days for many years. And now this is crazy!   Before my break, I would have tried to muscle through this but I truly feel I need to listen to my body. Especially because I’m focused on lifting weights…form is essential. Without energy, my form would suck. Some people could see that as an excuse, and that’s ok. I’m listening to my body, I know the difference between lazy & physically exhausted. 

Point? I didn’t workout on Wednesday, went to bed early again. Thursday…busy day ending with 2 classes Turbokick, Piyo & Clx burn 3. Had my pre workout formula, drank water ate well…still felt weak. (I understand weak for me is different than for others, I find the will to finish, to perform for my class, to push myself & push them. But I know I’m not 100% damn female hormones! Lol) Friday, up early out for appts, will have time midday to do Burn it off, it’s 26mins. I can’t make an excuse good enough to skip it. So, I almost did skip it…I had my pre workout (also wanted to stay up late to see the #hubster, he works 330-12, I’ve got to bed before 11 every night, out before he gets up…you get it) Took the on demand option to my computer in the garage, headphones on, playlist picked, push play…get through the warm up, all good, first interval, all good…then those crazy stupid burpees, my chest was tight, my head was pounding it was like th room was shrinking, yanked my headphones off, opened the garage door, couldn’t catch my breathe walked outside in the sun, deep breathes. Missed that last interval…keep moving its only 20mins more. Lol. I have to say Chalene does a great job of keeping it real, she explains in this video that she sometimes doesn’t feel like working out but she does it anyway…ok ok ok I’ll keep going. I could put my headphones back on, I was still struggling to really catch my breath but I pushed. I did my best…done. Next, shower, clients then, Bowling (you may not consider it exercise but I can work up a sweat. Not so much when I’m with the group of ladies on this league but when I’m by myself 4 games in an hour=workout sweat)  I bowled like crap…I get to distracted with all the ladies & the socializing & laughing. Nobody is drinking, at least not while we bowl. 😘😜  Stayed up late for the hubs…his buddy showed up so they pissed around in the garage til I went to bed. Had to sleep in Sat am, clients then workout, was the plan…until the #hubs offered a 2hour nap. Oh com’on?!, what’s better than a nap on a cold snow/rain March Saturday afternoon. (yes, there was a time I would have said, I’ll workout first then take a nap…but this week I’m a flipping mess πŸ€”πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ)  I have worked out 3 days…2 Turbokick classes 2 lift sessions 1 interval workout, but for me it’s not as much as I had planned. This is hard…gettin back into a routine. Life has thrown me a few curve balls, but I’m doing my best. 

How was the eating? I would say I had most of it under control. Made an extra effort to eat more vegetables & less bread/pasta/potato etc. I’m on an avocado strawberry & protein pancake kick #delicious, had that for breakfast everyday. Of course, I had a Shakeology every day too. Been drinking ing the new Latte flavor. For dinners, I made a shrimp stir fry over grated (riced) cauliflower, found it in the frozen foods at Trader Joes, skipped the sauce. Another day I made grilled salmon & bacon over romaine w avocado vinegrette. I also made chkn breast w lemon cream gravy over mashed cauliflower & spinach. Last day…turkey chili & snacks at bowling. That’s the hardest part of eating with friends, not having any control of what’s there, not letting anyone think I’m judging & making sensible decisions when I want to shove all that shit in my face! I brought chips & salsa, there wa pizza, subway subs, veggie tray, cookies, brownies, cookies, cheeseball, sliced salami & crackers, stuffed cheese bread & probably more. I did allow myself a couple of the homemade cookies, sorry subway my tummy reacts negatively to your baked goods. I had a piece of pizza, part of the subway sandwich & a few of the veggie & dip. I had a small margarita before owning & a mtn dew during. It’s like a sugar addiction takes over! Saturday, we went out late I had a burger, onion rings & salad and dessert. 

I di have to talk about my emotional eating…more so eating comfort foods because they are there not bc I really like the taste. Last weekend we buried my Grandma Bailey, she is a sugar addict herself. She lived on chocolate & sweets the past few months. Anyway, I have that same problem…my other grandma sent me home w a bag of goodies: rice crispy treats, chocolate puppy chow, seasoned pretzel stix, I’m sure there was more in that bag…I just ate it unconsciously. It made me feel life for this fe w seconds but really, I just need a hug. Glad to say, I successfully removed all of it from my house…yes, it took a detour through my body but I’m happy knowing it’s all gone! So I’m hoping with it gone, my pms behind me, & a new week ahead I’ll have a much better week. 

How was your week? 


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