F1 is back…

Australian Grand Prix  

Melbourne, Australia is 16hrs ahead, which means the race began Live at 1230am est. I could barely stay awake. I look forward to the 8am est start times. 😜 

Of course, we could DVR the race, wait til a reasonable hour to watch but someone can’t stay off social media (not me) F1 app. so we watched it from 1-4 (I watched as much as possible, then treat he’s in the am) However, the finish doesn’t exactly tell you about the race. It was far more exciting!! 

Did you watch the race?  
Greenlight means Go…Look at the start of this race!!!! Yes, that is @sebastianvettel driving through the Mercedes drivers @lewishamilton447 & @nicorosbergunofficial to grab the hole shot! #exciting 

And that’s how the race went on…until things changed. 

For Hamilton…he went from pole to 7th. (His 50th pole!)  He was fighting hard to get around the pack of talented drivers in front of him. Midway through the race my husband said there is NO way Hamilton can win this race now. (Btw, The #hubster loved the new qualifying procedure. His hopes were that some of the best drivers might get caught up & land in the back of the pack, so we could watch them actually race through traffic)  However, even despite a #Hamilton clawed his way back to the podium, it was pretty impressive! 

Vettel ran out front for a long time…but that all changed Bc of the red flag stop due to an accident. It was a tough race. Eventually, an issue w the front wheel change during Vettels pit stop screwed his chance to win. He was certainly riding Hamiltons a&@,  w 2 laps to go, the Ferrari team was just hoping he’d finish the race. (He drove off track…not sure why) #sorryguys But he still got himself on that podium! He should be proud of his day!

Congrats to #NicoRosberg for #1 finish on race 1 of the 2016 season! He drove a strong race, stayed focused, his pits were amazing!  15th Career win, and I think it’s 3 w in the last 4 races (including last season) He’s a happy boy! 

Let’s talk about those Mercedes drivers…I was pissed with the qualifying strategy. they were clock watching…not impressed!) But they started off 1 & 2…only to be out driven right at the start despite the craziness between laps 1-50 they ended up on top. #mercedes #meanteam #strong 


I want to talk about the Haas Racing team, an American team! The first American team in 30 years.  
  Romain Grosjean, a Frenchman. Esteban Gutierrez, Mexican born!  I believe Haas comes from a NASCAR background, which is a whole different ballgame, giving him no advantages to debut as a F1 team! Especially, after the financial turmoil of a few of the teams last season (It was political & confusing…if you want those details go to formulaone.com , I think) 

So what’s their goals for 2016? To just finish in Top 10 every race. Seems like a small goal…if you don’t understand the $$$$$ that goes into this, not to mention the polical aspect. This team will forever be remembered after this race! They put their name on the map! Did I mention…American team (I always have a conspiracy theory: where did this money come from. Why now? Did you know that the brand new track in Texas was short $6million due to a change in state tax funding? I think it’s an interesting opportunity for Haas to pull a few hundred fans over from NASCAR. If they have more American fans, I bet they can get a few more sponsors. Let’s face it, it’s all about $$$. I think it’s a fantastic intelligent business strategy! I think Haas Racing can be a long term game changer!) 

What happened? Well, Gutierruez was involved in a pretty sick accident  

  with Fernando Alonso…it was a result of fast driving & an attempted pass, it’s just a part of racing. Witchin seconds Gutierrez ran from his car to check on Alonso, who crawled out of his destroyed vehicle. He said he saw the sky, the ground, then the sky & just wanted it to stop. It was violent & fast. Crazy!! Both drivers are good. I bet Alfonso is going to be a lot sore over the next couple days. 

What about Grosjean?  He raced his heart out. He got a couple lucky breaks but the man can drive a race car! He finished in 6th. He finished before some veteran teams & talented drivers. To this team & this driver, it was a Win! Their objective was to finish top 10…the finished 6! Mission accomplished! His #permagrin just got a little bit bigger. 

Are there only 6 drivers? Lol. No, there are at least 20 drivers qualified for this race.  I didn’t talk about the Redbull teams or Renault or the McClaren teams. But that’s kinda how it goes in Formula One. You hear about what’s relevant… Although, my boy Max Vestapen, is a fiesty Redbull driver. I said last year, if he can get out front he will be a force to reckon with. But he’s just not patient enough yet. He’s got the courage & the talent but to be a great driver I think it takes patience…and that comes with experience. Experince = time!

Next race: April 3, 2016 is in India. Race time…1030am est, much more tolerable. 


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