And the journey goes on…

 March 8, 2016
Recently, I recommited to my journey to be forever fit!

For the past 6 years, I have been focused on my fitness but I always struggle with my diet. By diet, I mean what & how I’m eating, to make long term lifestyle changes. My biggest obstacle is actually eating enough of the right foods rather than restricting myself, not eating enough food. I have had successes but they were short lived because, they were mostly based on restriction and I wasnt completely committed to the changes. It got to a point where I couldne eat less and I couldnt really workout more and my body was getting used to my exertion level, I eventually went back to my bad ways and I packed on the pounds again. But I kept showing up to the gym, I kept putting in the hours, I was seeing changes in my body & strength but I was justifying the bad eating. Hell, there was a time when I would stop at a fast food joint for onion rings…onion rings are better than french fries, I just taught 2 classes, Im going to lift later, I havent eaten much today…all a bunch of stupid thinking! Seriously!! Been there? Im certainly not proud. I was mostly good, but when I was bad I was really bad. When I had a bad day of eating, I would sometimes continue to eat badly…why not. #notsmart

  So I had to figure out me and my why. The why, the why I do what I do.  Food is comfort. I spent alot of time alone when I was a kid, I turned to food. It was there when I was bored, sad, happy, excited, nervous…food was always there. And I liked it.  Some things havent changed, however Im much more aware. I had to decide what I am willing to do. what Im willing to actually not eat. That seems so impossible. What I am willing to do is exclude foods that upset my stomach. foods that make me tired or anxious or bloated. I also had to give myself permission to figure out what eating plan made sense to me and my body.  There are a million options: Paleo, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, high protein, no carb, no sugar, juice only, intermitten fasting, macros, iifym, calorie counting…I can go on and on. Bottom line, I had to decide what made sense to me. my lifestyle, my support, etc.

What does work for me?  Well, Im looking into the Wild Diet by Abel James, The Fat Burning Man. Ive been listening to his podcast for months, I watched him on My Diet is Better than Yours. The gist is to eat more healthy fat, lean grass fed meats and dairy, free range chicken and eggs, on a simple intermitten fasting schedule. He promotes eating when your hungry, exercise smarter not longer.

Hows it going?  Im still working on it. But having an avocado bacon (nitrate free) and eggs at noon makes so much more sense to me. Im not hungry first thing, I prefer to cardio fast and I think eating fat does satiate me for longer.

Am I working out? Yep…my plan is to lift 3 days per week, from Chalean Extreme I will do 2 days of cardio strength intervals and at least 1 piyo class per week. Well…week 1 started on a tuesday…you can check out the first few days here Day 1 Day 2  Day 3 on Fri I bowled 3 games (you may not consider it exercise, but I can work up a hell of a sweat!) I also helped my brother move. So, I had another sweatfest of lifting and lowering the heavy stuff as well as running up and down the stairs.   What happened on Saturday, Sunday and Monday…well, I didnt workout. I have no apologies or excuses. I hit it hard again yesterday… it was a stress reliever. I had a fairly emotional day, my Grandma died. Many people would actually use that as an excuse to skip. But it makes me feel better, so I was grateful to have a job at the gym. I was obligated for other people. I probably would have found a better excuse to stay in bed instead. But I did it and I felt better. And today, I procrastinated alot but I finally pushed play on Burn Intervals. I was pretty exhausted. I link that back to thyroid, adrenal or hormones issues that Im having. But I did it!

March 14, 2016

On Thursday, I taught my cardio kick & strength class. Which is 30mins from one of my Turbokick routines combined with one of the Burn circuit routines. I had Burn 1 on the calendar, so we did that with Round 70, no turbo. I lifted as heavy as I could, with a class full of people. 
Fri Sat & Sun was travel, funeral, family visits, travel. My routine was so jacked up, I really had no time for exercise. And when it comes to eating…have I mentioned, I love to cook. And I only enjoy eating out, if the food is better than mine! I’m a food snob or critic or foodie or whatever…if I’m going to eat it, I want to enjoy every bite. I’m the oddball in my family, they eat bc they have to. I eat bc it tastes good. Anyway, not bad. Buds breakfast 1 morning, burger & spinach salad for dinner (pa doesn’t have hot bacon dressing…yummy) church luncheon after services (ummm, it was food 🤔)  mini cheesecakes from Slice of Heaven (good, reasonably priced…think Defiance needs a desserts & drinks bar. Baked goods paired w adult beverages. Do t you?) Another late night dinner I had both steak & an app of gizzards (another dish you don’t find in pa) frm Jewel bar & grille & breakfast at Pancake house (near the high school) this place is delicious & way too cheap! And we always finish our trip with slices from Mineos pizza in Squirrel Hill, pa (my fav by the slice pie!)  

So the week went by fast…I rallied for 2 lifts & 3 cardio sessions. Not exactly my goal but its better than nothing. I did my best, life really did get in the way. #iownit  Hope I do better next week  


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