The journey continues…

March 3, 2016 

Sexy, Confident & Beautiful are an inside attribute. Sure, people can be all those on the outside but it’s starts deep inside! 

Our society has influenced us to believe that skinny is the only way to be sexy & beautiful.  (Believe me, those skinny girls have hang ups and pressures too. I mean, can you imagine being asked or rumored to be pregnant bc you had a large meal? Or thinking you can’t wear a skirt bc someone might remark how bean-pole legs 😢😢)   

For me, confidence & sexy are a mindset & beauty is from the heart. I can fake my mindset but I struggle with body image, when I look on the mirror. I laugh on the outside but I have not so nice thoughts and words on the inside. I pull at my clothes, I layer so you can’t see, I hold my breathe or stand up straighter to camouflage my flaws…I’m trying to love my body for all that it is. I’m going to stop focusing on all I don’t like… I’m working on this. This is part of the journey too. #gettingthemindright

Day 3…I teach 2 classes tonite, Cardio kick & strength, (it’s my modified version  of Turbokick combined with some 3, 5min lifting sessions the heart rate remains elevated but we move slowly yet heavy, & 8 concentrate on form to maximize muscle exhaustion) followed by Piyo. I’ve decided the heavy lifting will be inspired by Chalean Extreme Burn 2, it’s my scheduled workout for the day…2 birds 1 stone! 

What am I doing? 

I declared that I was making a lifestyle change. A change that was needed. I will no longer be a slave to my Program! I will live my life by making wise choices. A I will look at my exercise as a gift to myself…its what will make me smarter, kinder, more productive, more focused and have more energy.

How will I do this? Mainly, I will pay attention to my nutrition. I do use portion control containers (from Beachbody) I will consume More healthy fats & lean organic free range & grass fed protein & butter/creams (I’m not afraid of fat!) AND I will make a greater effort to eat more non starchy vegetable (also being sensitive to the vegs that are tough on the thyroid) Diet alone won’t be enough. I am going to incorporate exercise… I will do this by lifting heavy 3 days, 2 cardio strength intervals, at least 1 stretch and strength (piyo) and teach no more than 3 fitness classes per week.

I will share my journey…

I felt great today. I woke up without my alarm the first time at 7am, but I didn’t go tinged until 130ish am, so I needed another couple hours of sleep. (I’m lucky like that…I dictate my schedule, so I went back to sleep) I’m still fighting some type of sinus/ear ache/sore throat issue, but I had a lot more energy today. And not sore, sorta looking forward to my classes. But first, an appt.  

As the day went on, my interest in working out became less and less. So in grateful that I do have classes. I could have easily talked myself out of any workout. But those happy faces got me going. Cardio kick and strength (Burn 2) We were all whining by the end, I made us go real slow! I like it slow, you can’t fake it, no momentum, all muscle engagement, (unless your form is off)

What did I eat? 

A is for avocado! Lol. I had an interesting breakfast… ate raspberry blueberries & an avocado. (They are all fruits ya know?!)               The berries are the sweet & the avocado is the fat. The fat will keep me full until I get to eat after my appt.

I don’t actually eat first thing, when I wake or even within an hour of waking. I extend my overnight “fast” until 12 or 1pm. What? Yep, I’m not being a slave to a clock or schedule anymore. I’m not often hungry when I first wake up, but I used to eat anyway…bc somebody told me that’s the magic ticket. But, that was old school thinking. I know of some very healthy people that choose to fast 15-20hrs per day. And when I really think about it…does my body actually work on some mysterious time clock? Or do I have any control?  Well…I like the no time clock, listen to my body, do what works best for me. 

I got the new Latte Shakeology today. They are using the coffee berry (yep it’s a fruit too, lol)  

I don’t drink coffee, however I do love the smell of coffee beans & really yummy roast smelling brewed coffee. 

The latte smell was nice, I first mixed (just in my shaker) w 8oz water, then I added coconut milk. I like the coconut milk for thickness, extra calories & anti-inflammatory benefits, but I think it took the natural coffee flavor away. (I usually drink Vegan chocolate, I feel the I have reaction to the whey on the original) Tomorrow, I’ll go with just water. 😜 #risktaker #lol 

Bbq chicken thighs w cauliflower as a snack after class. 

Grass fed beef burger w bacon & grass fed beef cheddar cheese & sautéed spinach for dinner  

All in all, a good day. 🤔🤔🎉. I’m sure I can find places for improvement but I’ll take it! 


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