The Journey continues…day 2

Its March 2, 2016…

Yesterday, I declared that I was making a lifestyle change. A change that was needed. I will no longer be a slave to my Program! I will live my life by making wise choices. A I will look at my exercise as a gift to myself…its what will make me smarter, kinder, more productive, more focused and have more energy.
How will I do this?  Mainly, I will pay attention to my nutrition. I do use portion control containers (from Beachbody) I will consume More healthy fats & lean organic free range & grass fed protein & butter/creams (I’m not afraid of fat!) AND I will make a greater effort to eat more non starchy vegetable (also being sensitive to the vegs that are tough on the thyroid) Diet alone won’t be enough. I am going to incorporate exercise… I will do this by lifting heavy 3 days, 2 cardio strength intervals, at least 1 stretch and strength (piyo) and teach no more than 3 fitness classes per week.

I will share my journey…

Over the past few weeks I realized I was living a lie and I was living in denial. I say, Im good with my size and my shape…but Im not. I often say I dont need to lose a ton of weight, Im muscular, I carry my weight differently, Im a big girl but not plus size…huh? Yeah, I was prejudice against my own size. I am a curvy girl, I am a big girl, Im 5’3″ 196lbs.

  I have always been a little bigger than most girls. Im also strong and athletic. I just assumed I couldnt be a girl that wore a size 4 or 6. But I see a lot of girls, my height, similar strength but they are about 50-80lbs lighter than me. So…it got me to thinking or wondering if its possible I could be a much smaller version of me. Is that my goal? To be thinner? Well… I actually do not know if thats at the core, my goal. I do know that I want to be healthy. My doctor recently informed me that if I lost 50lbs, my blood pressure would lower and the rest of my results would level off. I was pretty pissed at her for that! How dare her…but I do have 50 ish lbs to lose. And I need to stop denying that. What I need to admit…Im a full figured fitness professional, I struggle with hormone imbalances and other issues that cause weight gain or at least work against my efforts to lose. Over the past 6 months I also have been watching a plus size health and fitness motivator. Im inspired her transparency. I appreciate her mesage and her drive. But most of all, I love that she owns who she is.I want to be that honest and humble. I want to inspire you. But mostly I want to love who I am and what I look like. I want to quit wearing layers & holding my breathe when I look in the mirror. #dreams #bodyimage #selflove

what am I doing:

Chalean Extreme its a functional movement strength training program, where you lift heavy (to exhaustion) 3 days per week, with 2 strength interval training days. most of the workouts are 45 minutes or less.

Day 1 March 1  Burn circuit 1. Well I incorporated this into my kick and strngth class I teach. If I would have done it by myself, I may have gone a little heavier. But for a group setting and timing it was fine. And for my first day back…fine is a good thing.

Day 2…guess what? Its a rest day…at first I was like, Youve got to be kidding me. I have just got started and now I have to rest. And doI need a rest? Well, I woke up sore. A very welcomed and enjoyable soreness.

I was really tired…like really tired. Ive been trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night…sounds good, huh? I was a 4.5-5hours sleep girl for the past 4 years. (I used to teach class at 545am, and I wouldnt go to bed until 1230-1am…gotta watch me some Jimmy Kimmel)  I think Im fighting a headcold or worse…I have swollen glands & my ears are plugged up. Any way, Im pretty sure I got almost 8.5hours of sleep…woo hoo. Off to bed now…I hope to have another long night!


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