Why are Hemp Seeds one of my favorite foods?


1. There are 16g of protein in just 3 Tablespoons.
(!!!!! that’s amazing!!!!)

2. Their nutrition profile is not only high in protein, but low in fat (3g per serving) and moderate in carbohydrates (7g). This particular combination makes them an excellent muscle-building food.

3. They contain 5g of fiber per serving (and a serving is 3 T). A bowl of oatmeal has about 4-5g of fiber as a comparison.

4. Hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids AND essential fatty acids. Their unique composition that includes 65% globulin edestin protein is the highest in the plant kingdom. I read a great article about how globulin protein benefits our bodies processes here.

5. They taste great! They have a very fresh, sprouted smell and flavor. I added them to my pesto most recently, have been known to add them to my Super Green Drink recipe in place of raw protein powder, and like sprinkling them on salads.

Whole Foods started carrying them in the bulk section. If you don’t have access to a grocery store that has them, you can find them online.

Here’s the nutrition information label from the bulk foods section:


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