Tummy time…it’s not just for babies, anymore! 

Do you remember putting your baby down for tummy time? He/She hated it, but you knew it was good for them. It was going to strengthen their core, neck & the entire body. It was the precursor to the next phase…reaching, sitting up, hand eye coordination, scooting, crawling and eventually walking. It was NECESSARY.  You didn’t question it & you persisted through those tiny protests.

Well…what  changed as we grew? Why do we stop with tummy time? Do we not need core strength? (sit up and crunches work…but who wants to that?) Do we not need to expand our range of motion?

When I was a kid, we laid on the floor watching tv, we layed in the grass reading books, we wrestled with our siblings…we spent time on our tummies! But I don’t see that today…kids sit in a chair or on the couch, they read their books (maybe) iPad, kindles etc on their laps, hunched over, they play on the computers or video games, again no tummy time. Our shoulders a hunched forward, our spines are compressed, our core strength is compromised, our necks are strained. Make sense?

But I’m not just referring to the kiddos…ADULTS ARE WORSE! We spend very little time on our bellies. Our environments changed…Tvs are up on a shelf now, we curl up in a recliner not the floor, I can’t tell you the last time I laid on the grass…who sunbathes or reads books anymore. (The sun glare will be too much, so no tummy time!)

I never really thought about it before, but I was watching one of online mentors, Christine Dwyer  on periscope…now on Katch.tv   Click her name to watch for yourself. She talks more about how to deal with screwing up. 

Im not judgin you, Im not even challenging you…ok, sort of, I am challenging you. I dont expect anyone…unless thats what youre goals are…to become some circus show ultra flexible side show. But as we age, we need to become less bendy and agile, you know that!


Now, you are aware, the wheels in your mind are turning…now what? Well, I want you to really take a look at yourself, pay attention to your posture, but more specifically… How much time do you spend stretching your back muscles? What? Holly, you said tummy time. Yes, folks…when we lay on our tummies, push up into cobra stretch we are stretching our back (& abs)! You need to open the chest, lift the chin, stretch up toward the ceiling, leading with our shoulder blades moving toward center and down to the buttocks. Move your body in the opposite motion than you normally sit. An equal an opposite type movement.

When should you do this?    After a workout is best 😉😉😉 Your muscles are warm, the blood is pumping through the the deep tissue, your muscles are at the optimum tempeture to increase length, flexibility and strength.

No workout? Why? (You know you will feel better and have more energy after!) Ok, you still need to warm up…people try to skip the warm up, cool down & the stretch. These 3 sections are so important to help prevent injury.

But anywho…I’m talking about your back & tummy time. So, you didn’t workout, no problem you still need to stretch. Get the yoga mat, lay on the floor, move your body around…find some stretches that make you feel amazing!  You want to stretch but you have no ideas. Google, Pinterest or Instagram are good places to try (check out Homeworkouts_4u NatalieJillFit Instagram Build a Booty w Natalie Jill  or you can check out my favorite stretch and strength workout series I do… Piyo  I have the at home version as well as I’m a certified PiyoLive instructor. The program is great, it makes me feel strong and over time I felt more graceful or steady. I still sweat like mad. And I walk better the next day!

Tell me about your posture


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