Fit to fat to fit

Have you watched that new show called Fit to Fat to Fit ? It’s a true story about a personal trainer, Drew Manning, (listen to a podcast from the man himself, listen to the one from his wife, podcast) who realized he really didn’t know how hard it is to be Fat. He didn’t have empathy…he’s not different, many fitness professionals really don’t get it. To them exercise is a way of life…I get that but that’s not everyone.

If you’ve never struggled, you really don’t understand how hard it is to move & commit & avoid temptation. It really is a horrible internal struggle. You will pretend to be fine, you laugh, you smile, you dress your best to cover your most hated spots, you justify that meal/dessert or treat…and the self sabotage is far worse than any external sabotage. It’s awful! And many people don’t understand.
This show is that exact journey! The trainers have this mindset…most have said Obesity is a choice, it’s a result of laziness & lack of self love. Then the trainers spend 16weeks getting fat! They go thru a terrible struggle trying to gain the weight. They eat as their clients do, they are not able to work out, they experience the emotional struggles in the process. They put their health in jeaopardy.  The clients are sad & scared for their trainers. They also feel an immense sense of responsibility to succeed bc of the pain their trainer will go through.

Then, they spend 16 weeks together getting fit. The trainer has to do the same workout they put their client through. The trainers mind hasn’t accepted that their body will not perform the same…in fact, their first workout is a humbling experience. They finally feel how quickly atrophy sets in, and that’s with only 4 months of no exercise. Imagine what a lifetime with no movement feels like. At a certain point, it’s no longer about laziness & excuses…it’s painful. They finally have a new appreciation for the weakened body. But their mind isn’t completely accepting this as fate…the trainers KNOW they can achieve it, they just have new appreciation for their clients journey. They have a new approach to making that gap for their clients smaller! The clients aren’t convinced they can achieve it…their coach is there to push them.

It’s a great program! Here’s a sneak peek…
I’m on a similar journey…sort of. I got to a point where the demons were taking over, I was letting outside influences deter me, I was feeling like I just couldn’t achieve, I wasn’t accepting the reality…I am the big girl w bad choices I am not lazy but I’m not making advances. So…I’m taking 4 weeks off…much more could be a death trap for me. However, I have made the commitment to take the month of February off…mostly. I have 5 classes scheduled this month. I’m 17 days in…and I hate how I feel! I feel gross & lethargic, unmotivated & bloated. I’ve taken naps almost everyday. Im less social, less happy, less energetic, less positive. Im hating this process. I’m eating what I want. And I realize a lot of what I was “deprived” of, doesn’t even taste that good. It’s weird, I craved it, I ate some, it wasn’t curing the crave…and it wasn’t feeling good. I can definitely not eat what doesn’t taste good. Maybe, Im breaking habits. I’ll keep you posted. Here’s what in doing instead of exercise…Kitchen essentials I’m cooking, lots and lots of cooking. I’m finding the act of making food satisfies my need to eat the food. Lol.

What’s your journey? Where are you? I’m getting serious again in 10 days…wanna join me? Accountability partners wanted


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