Fitness instructors Unite…Dont be a Diva

Do you want to be fitness famous? You can be!  Do you want to just workout with some like minded people? You can do that too! You can also be known as the DIVA…this is not the best option. This can ruin your credibility & reputation. Never get considered for opportunity. Struggle to build a popular class.

Some MISTAKES instructors make that can burn their success!   Come unite with others

1) Showing up late/ leaving asap… I promise, those people in your class ARE WORTH your time. They showed up, it was hard for them to get there on time, but they put in the time…

2) Connecting and partying it up with the front row divas or your posse. That lady in the back row deserves your attention as much as your posse! Please dont forget what it was like to be new.

3) Not showing modifications. Not everyone is ready for the advanced moves. Pay attention to every person, they are trusting you to lead them & not hurt them.

4) Teaching the advanced levels (hyperspeed, all plyo all the time, tricky tricky choreo) You may only have 1 person thats new that doesnt know the choreography…dont leave them in the dark. Make them feel important.

5) DOING the entire workout for your own workout. This is not your workout. You are there for your class. Quit looking at yourself in the mirror…look at your class! They may not be able to keep up or they may need more. Pay attention to them.

6) Not changing positions around the room…this one comes with practice and comfort levels of your class. Pay attention to body language, make eye contact, smile at them…or get next to them and help w form.

7) Using Negative Motivation “Is that all you got?” “Don’t let your neighbor do better than you!” “Why aren’t you getting this?” “Where is everyone?”  Empower your class, make them feel amazing, tell them their best is all you are asking for, encourage them to give all they have.

IMG_03858) Using the same music and choreography  Nobody likes to be bored. Move on… The body also will need a change, muscle memory takes over quickly, when the body gets too comfortable or accustomed to the same moves, then the workout becomes less effective. You get them for 1 class, make it all it can be!

9) Playing the music way too loud It needs to be loud enough to feel the beat, but not too loud that you cannot be heard.

10) Yelling in the microphone  You need to learn this asap, your throat, sinuses and vocal chords will be less damaged.

11) Low Energy or Super Spazz, Balance your energy, no one wants to see their instructor passed out on the floor

12) Disinterested and expressionless You are the cheerleader, keep it up

16) Unprepared (equipment, music, choreography) Yes, technical difficulties happen, dont dwell, get it started as soon as possible

17) Saying “sorry” when they screw up,  it diminishes their confidence in you! Plus, they dont know. And who cares, mistakes happen. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, and laugh at them. Dont stop or stomp your feet, just go with it, and recover as soon as possible.

18) Not getting to know the members (names, about them, skill level)

19) Late Cueing / No Cueing  This is challenging and takes practice but its possible to get really good. Your members want to keep moving, they want to know whats next, give them warning that something is about to change.

20) Doesn’t know the 32 Count  Most people do have rhythem, their body tells them a change in the music indicates a change in motion, its an innate reaction and its important to figure it out, especially if the beat is hard to find. (most pre-choreographed music will have very defined downbeats, you may have to train your ear to hear it, but it will happen then youll be golden!)

21) No Breakdown of Choreo / Too Fast Breakdown You dont have to stop the music to slow the move or breakdown the choreography. This too takes practice, you have to have the confidence! Your members will thank you too, they dont want to stop moving, they want to understawnd the move so they get the most out of their workout. Its your job to explain it, while they continue to move. Its practice!

22) Gossip / Complainer Your members dont need to know about any of the politics of the gym, your job or your personal life. You are there for them, turn their day around. Telll them why the workout is good for stress, energy, mood etc…then be that example.

23) Doesn’t Sub/Support other instructors  Its hard to make the time to make it to your own class, but what goes around comes around. You have to give a little to get a little. Its not about you, its about the members that have committed to show up, so they need an instructor. Help out, when you can. Also, promote other classes, you arent there everyday so let your members know of other classes or opportunities to get a great workout

24) Flaunting your body   Have some modesty. We know you got a hot bod, but majority of your class does not. You want to be inviting, not intimidating. I recommend no belly buttons…but thats me. Get some cool gear here   or hereIMG_4114

25) Not living by a healthy lifestyle. You are the example. If you arent looking the part, dont be shelling out the advice. Dont lie, people arent stupid. If you are still on your journey or you had a set back, be honest about it. Tell them what youre going through, they may relate!
Got anymore you want to add? Feel free to pass this on and SHARE.    Come on over here…lets talk more about it.


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