Dark Chocolate Mousse

dark chocolate pudding


Sweet craving  curbed in less than 5 minutes with warm, gooey, Dark Chocolate Mousse topped with cacao nibs and raspberries.

1/2 cup dark chocolate Enjoy Life chips (any dark chocolate would be fine, these chips are just dairy, nut and soy free, if you eat mostly Paleo)

1/3-1/2 cup culinary coconut milk (or full-fat canned coconut milk)

1. Melt chips over low heat, stirring constantly. Before they’re fully melted, add in coconut cream and continue to stir.
2. Once you have achieved a mousse-like consistency, divide your chocolate into espresso cups.
3. Top with your choice of toppings….I used a smidge of coconut cream with a raspberry and some cacao nibs. I also think a sprinkle of cinnamon, a strawberry slice, or anything along those lines would be amazing…

If you can’t find these locally, you can CLICK HERE

Photo Jun 21, 11 09 58
Photo Jun 21, 11 09 50

This stuff is amazing – try it in your coffee, on top of your cereal, or in this recipe! CLICK HERE or Click the Picture above to order online if you can’t find it locally – it’s non-perishable til opened.

dark chocolate pudding

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