Protein protein protein, skip the Gluten


2 slices of gluten-free bread, toasted

(I used Rice Pecan Bread by Food for Life )

2 T Dairy Free Basil Pesto (if you want the dairy…go for it, add parmesean)

1 cup spinach, sauteed with a little olive oil (I use an olive oil cooking spray)

2 organic free-range brown eggs

2 slices Nitrate free Bacon

I love bacon. Sure you can use turkey bacon, it’s slightly higher in protein than regular bacon with way less fat. Kind of reminds me of jerky. Be sure to choose one that is nitrate-free – not all turkey bacon is created equal.

Eat your egg yolks – the kind of healthy fats they contain are good for your brain AND your libido. Lot of anti-oxidant properties in the pesto with the fresh basil and garlic.

Spinach has so many amazing nutrients, it’s especially high in Vitamin K, A and manganese among other things.

This combination of healthy foods will leave you feeling full, satisfied and energized.


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