SYTYCD Season 12 Top 6, review

Top 6 performs  Everybody Hurts, JasmineThompson

Its sweet and romantic, I think. They are beautiful and graceful. the extenstions and the unison is perfect! But I think the real story is that we all have pain and our pain can be felt by others…

How did America vote? Team Stage wins this week…55%  I would agree the Stage performances rocked & some street performances look stage, lol!

Who’s left? #top6season12 Virgil Gaby Jim Jaja Hailee Megz

Based on last weeks performances…Im predicting Megz and Jim will say goodbye at the end of this episode, Ive been wrong before…However, Jim doesnt have the charisma to engage the audience, last week he did Hip Hop and he didnt kill it. And the viewers do the voting, he didnt do enough to get their votes. Megz…her talent is running out compared to the other competitors.

Gabby w Allstar Marco…2 hidden gems turned Diamonds  Jazz routine w Ray Leeper

This piece has no story, its just about dance and technique & bootilicious moves. Has a ton of footwork…shouldnt be difficult

Gaby Diaz and Marko Germar perform a Jazz routine choreographed by Ray Leeper.

for this tapper girl, shes sassy and strong. She can pull this off! Id describe this as old school wench meets 2015 club dancing. Its not stripper like, but it is fun! There are moments when I see Gabby having as much fun here as in her tapper solos…Very impressed! Way to start the show!!! #nottoosexy #greatdancer #darkhorse #talented

Gabys biggest influence to dance was her Latin family. Her uncle was a Gaby Diaz performs a solo routine.Cuban refugee that pursued a dancing career when it made no sense. She
has his drive. And shes sexy as heck! I think if they could teach strippers to dance and dress like this…theyd retire the poles and tatas. That was #sexy

Results:  Shes moving on! #top4season12

Jaja w Allstar Alex…street goes back in time   w choreographer @tessandreChavez

Jaja is dealing with alzheimers…the coming and going of consciousness. This is to be soft but challenging and Jaja accepts1214-008-dance-top-6 this challenge as part of her future success. Dhe was able to share the anger and frustrationsoeone may geel, the anxiety and the aloneness. then the moments of remembering her love. Alex is a freaking Beast! This girls is a superstar! The fear on her face at the end as she lost her memory! Sick sick sick performance! Damn, shes growing and growing and Virgil better look out! #standup #intense #wow #teamstreet #idontknow #superstar #boss

Jaja performs a solo routine.Jaja goes back to animation! “Tighteyes” helped her embrace her passion & acknowledge her intesity & talent! I flippin love her! #

Megz w Allstar Joshua…Beasts     Hip Hop w @ChrisLXD

Megz and Joshua Allen perform a Hip Hop routine choreographed by Chris Scott.

This is to be about the range & freedom of hip hop, which should be right up Megz wheelhouse. But shes spent so much time trying to perfect the steps and moves…shes forgetting to just be free and have fun! Joshua is a champion, he has some of my most favorite performances, hes a great partner. If Megz can go and have fun, knowing hes got her back and they are just partying like rockstars, this performance can be #legendary There she is! Shes being real, having fun, own her moves. I cant keep my eyes off her! Fun, good, exciting…memorable? Not so sure. Jason agrees, however Paula and Nigel thought she was in her element. I still predict today is her last night on this stage. She has a bright future, but I think shes satisfied if she doesnt go further.

Megz’s is a reminder to be herself. Shes so much more amazing when she does that! Her dance instructor could see her Megz performs a solo routine.strength and appreciated her individuality! Shes so talented. This was her encore performance. She just left her mark on this season! I feel shes also exhausted, her brain is full. She just not ready for more until she recharges. And thats ok. Shes has so many opportunities about to present themselves, she will need her clear rested mind to make the best choices!

Jim with Allstar Anya…will she eat him alive?    Samba with @officialDmitryC         1214-014-dance-top-6

This Samba is to be cool, sexy, steamy, fun…everything Jim is not. He has to trust Anya, but he also has to lead. Shes very talented, she may be good enough to make it look like Jim is in charge. Hmmm…I think hes out of his league & way out of his comfort zone. It was good, really good. I think he was still a little stiff & straight but he was having fun & he was trying! If he had 3 more weeks in this competition he could grow so much more. I do think this may have been a little bit of a break thJim Nowakowski performs a solo routine.rough! #breakthroughperformance #wallsarecomingdown

Jim was discovered and offered a scholarship by a great dancer Tim Draper, who died suddenly a few years ago. This is the vulnerability Jim needs to show us. Hes ridiculously strong and
flexible and agile, He can stop moving on a dime! Hes perfection. But he put his emotions away. I think you are strong if you share your insides with the world! His story is still to come.

Virgil with Allstar Melanie…2 tiny dancers    Contemporary w @mrjustingiles

This is about military survivors guilt. The wife is trying to help, but the soldier has so much pain. This is real for Virgil. I cant 1214-017-dance-top-6wait to feel this piece. #heartfelt #emotional Melanie is secondary to this performance. Which is crazy…shes a champion, shes intense, shes a Broadway superstar and she made Virgil look like her peer! #hemadeitreal

Virgil: credits his friend as his mentor. His mentor was so humbled…no wonder Virgil Gadson performs a solo routine.Virgil is the way he is. He has a great role model. Fun, exciting, made me smile…he was him. #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Hailee w Allstar Robert…graceful giants   Jazz number

1214-020-dance-top-6Angel of death is now a crow…she is trying to give the kiss of death to Robert. Its fast, character, technique, love and passion. #someonehasacrushonrobert Shes a performer, she can turn off the school girl giddy on stage…we will see the sexy siren that will hunt down and kill Robert… First of all, #getonyourfeet Robert is ridiculously sexy & strong! Hailee held her own! And that kiss…whoa! #yummy

Hailees solo…this is choreography from her mentor and dance instructor. #tearsofloveandjoy  Its so weitd, i love her in a group but not by herself. She
doesnt stand out when she s alone…does that even make sense?

Now the performers go head to head or just a duet?

Gaby and Jim   Broadway w @JoshBergasse

Gaby is love sick and Jim is the cure to what ails her…or is she dreaming. Its a lot of character development and very action 1214-022-dance-top-6packed. Whoa…shes got some long legs. WOW, they both have legs that extend forever! The movement between movements, was preparation for the next lift or trick. But Jim still didnt connect with the audience or his partner.

Hailee and Megz    Contemporary with Stacy Tookey @sjtookey

Its about 2 sisters that are being torn apart, but despite the strength it has to be 1214-024-dance-top-6elegant and feminine. I believe will be difficult for both. Megz had to give herself permission to be Hailees peer. They are both equally talented, strong and beautiful. It was a great routine! It was a solid performance.


Virgil and Jaja   Hip Hop w @_Pharside and Phoenix

These 2 are taking Hip Hop to Alice & the cheshire cat! Its weird and wonderful…It
cetrainly showcases their talents and its a little fun and creepy. Enjoyable! Biut not the show stopper I expected. #electric

So who is making it to #top4season12


Virgil Hailee Jaja Gaby

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