SYTYCD, Review top 8

I flipping love this show, but reviewing has been a tough task! So, Im a little behind

Opening number…@tycediorio.  Very Adams family. They are definitely now longer only #TeamStage and #TeamStreet, much more like #TeamSeason12 They arll blend so well together as performers. Thr choreographers surely have a great time using each person as an individual. Loved it, it was fun, dark and creepy, just like the Original Adams Family

Watch it here

Who’s left?  Jim Neptune Hailee Jaja Derek Virgil Gabby Megz

#TeamStreet wins last week with 52% of the votes Hmmm…How will that play out in the end, who knows!

****Remember I expect the Season will end Virgil, Hailee, Neptune, Jim, Jaja, Gabby Megz Derek,  #TeamStreet Megz. #teamstage Derek, that leave tonite. However, I could be wrong. Neptune and Gabby are gaining momentum quickly

Virgil w allstar Jasmine  Aftican Jazz w @cheesemansean          Virgil makes it look easy

This is week the male dancer tries to bring his female star to the darkside. Its a character dance…Virgil, is not a sinister evil guy, hes all about fun and engagement. The emotions and the lifting required to make this dance look like a performance will be key…Can he do it? Probably…Musci really makes me think African tribal workers, hes making th elifting and all the choreography look easy, but im not convinced hes nringing her to his side. Shes ridiculously powerful and I think she stole the spotlight. Virgil, did a great job. And if I hadnt heard the back story, I would have probably liked it just as much. Hes a great talent.   Judge Jason at least acknowledged there was no sinister in Virgils game, but hes the man ti beat!

Virgils solo: OMG hes been taking center stage since he was 3yo. Hes as cute today as he was all those years ago.

Results: Hes safe! #duh #winnerseason12

Derek w/ Allstar Jaime        Very technical performance                                                      

in this piece they are 2 lost souls that fell out of the love that they had. This is emotional and deep. Im not sure Derek has it in him. I dont think hes ever experienced the feelings that is required to convince me! Hes talented but too young. hmmm…

Never Dreamed You Leave in Summer by Stevie Wonder choreographer @Tycedioiro Hes procedes and hes supporting but he is not convincing me that he has any clue how to cross over from dancer to performer/actor, the movements are fluid and beautiful but they arent from the heart  Paula says: it was good & improved. Jason & Nigel agree with me. Need more belief in himself.

Dereks solo:  Has been dancing since he was a chills. hes tall strong talented and a little cute. He will grow into everything he wants to become, but his journey has come to an end until he dives within, finds himself & is willing to share that AWESOME self with the world. I think hes lived a life of sort of hiding parts of himself…its now time to quit hiding!

Results: Does America believe…maybe they got it right this week #bottom2stage

Hailee w/ Allstar Fik shun  #whatthewhat  Hip Hop choreographer @         Hailee kills it!

This is all about Flavor! Very cocky and confident! Shouldnt be a problem for Hailee to kick major booty on this one…but Fik shun can easily take center stage. Hes captivating! What will happen…  

Whoa, that leather one piece jobby on Hailee is badass! #whatteamissheon Shes fierce! She can definitely hold your attention but there is sometjing about the organic movement that Fik shun makes, its not dancey, its like he just has to move like this! LOL Awesome choreography that out Hailee out front exactly when she needed to be there! LOVE IT!

Hailees solo: Shes amazing but she is not a choreographer, so her solos always seem awkward. She will have an amazing career from here on out, I see her on stage and bigscreen ! Shes amazing!

Results: come on…shes #bottom2stage Seriously…what the hell. I realize somebody has to have bottom votes but if you freaks voted her off before Derek I will scream

Megz w Allstar Paul  and choreographer @JMGenereux doing a Pase Doble     Strong and in charge

This should be interesting. Its a Latin dance for  #teamstreet And Jean Marc never takes it easy on the dancers! He wants passion like Argentine tango, fast like the Flaminco…challenging on soooo many lvels. Damnd Megz is mean and hot…not sure about sexy and passionate thoufh. Her technique is week and she lets us know by her lack of commitment to alll the passion and connection. Sje a;most stronger than Paul. Hes clearly more graceful. It was ok for me, but I think she could give us more if she would get less caught up in the lack of training. Nigel, Paula & Jason agree with me.

Poor thing, my heart breaks for her watching the pain of rejection on her face…Jason gave her some great feedback that she made her understand the rejection is simply critique for improvement

Megz Shes strong and over these past few weeks shes been forced to embrace her feminine side! Shes talented but I think this solo shows shes a little defeated and has accepted shes come to the end her competition. But she has a great future ahead of her! I see her on tour with Gaga, maybe even Miley! Could be interesting

Results: #bottom2street this week I do expect this is her last performance this season

Neptune/eddie w/ Allstar Kayla  do Jazz w Ray Leeper     Talented and strong                                

This is the moment when a couple has come back together after a long break up. They have to face the fact that there were other people, they have to surrender to each other to show us the connection & rekindled love that is supposed to be portrayed here. I believe, Neptune completely understands this. Hes lived a life of pain, regret, triumph and Love! We will see an amazing performance here!  Hard and strong, passionate and sexy. And it gets hotter and more private as tume goes on. I felt like I shouldnt be watching them….like something sexy was about to happen! They did a great job. Hes really improved but you can see his technique isnt as strong as the trained dancers…kinda #duh Hes a freestyle dancer, Judges are agreeing with me

Neptune: He went back to his roots…not my fav performance, but it did showcase his roots

Results: #bottom2teamstreet   Im surprised here, this means Jaja is safe, I still expect to see Neptune #top6

Gabby w/ allstar Robert    w Mandy Moore @nopenother         Breathtaking performance…meet superstar Gabby

This routine is about the anxiety in the unknown. Mandy is deep, Randy is ridiculously talented and this combination could be challenging to Gabby. She has the depth & the training to bring it! I cant wait! (Mandy Moore always creates moments!) Ive got chills, the movement was chaotic and beautiful and comforting. You can see how much Gabby trusts Robert and it nearly brings me to tears. Im so blessed to see these emotions played out in dance! Beautiful! #standup #topperformance #brilliant #perfection #fullpackage                                          

Gabby solo;  remember this chic is a tapper. But shes damn sexy and has a great time in the music and on stage! Love her too! Shes going Big places FAST! I believe she had to audition 2xs to make it this season. Im so glad she persevered

Results: this girl isnt going anywhere #top6season12 my guess #top4season12

Jaja w allstar Ricky  do Broadway w @Al_Blackstone     Jaja becomes Amy Adams

This routine is what happens when a smooth talking mobster and his feisty wife gets thrown in jail. Shes furious and hes just thinking about getting in 1 more dance before they are convicted. Shes a street dancer and Ricky currently is on Broadway, which means Jaja better pull out the stops to keep up. What we cant forget is she has had some formal training…so she should be able to pull it off! Wow, Ricky had really grown to an actor. And wow, Jaja made it look effortless. She too is a performer! Even in that dress and those shoes, she made me question what team she is on!

Jaja solo: I just love her, she lights up the room withe her joy. Sometimes its funny to see her do her street mean movements, especially when shes got her hair & makeup done for another performance. lol

Results: SAFE! #top6season12 my guess

Jim w allstar Comfort  do Hip Hop w/ choreographers @_Pharside & Phoenix      Greek God & Goddess at war

Inspired by Greek mythology. Madusa (Comfort) and Percius (sp? JIM) are at war. She will turn to stone if he looks into her eyes. A character…not sure Jim can show both strength and conviction to this. He has to connect with the audience and his partner without ever opening his eyes #whatthewhat Will be very interesting. Ummm…Im not breathless. It was hard hitting and they hit every move, but it was not strong enough. Im leaving wanting more. Jim gave all he has but hes not dirty enough for him. I think Jason just said it best: Jim has to concentrate on being a real person not an exceptional dancer. He needs to let the movements happen. Not make them happen on point.  Nigel & Paula agree, but Paula is making excuses bc of the choreography. Wow…I hope he can make it another week or two

Jim is a ridiculously talented ballerina…Ive never swayed from this opinion but he can be alone on stage with a room of 5000 people. He keeps his emotions in check, so much that we cant get to know him. He doesnt engage with me. He shows his amazing technique and physique but I want to feel what hes feeling. I think its more about protecting himself from more pain. But soon as he realizes there is Freedom in releasing his pain! #Getreal

Results: SAFE #top6season12 myguess #top4   No matter what, she going places!

Team Performances 

#teamstreet  @davidscott    Team street performs           

Its a street dance in the hottest day of the year, but these dancers cant help but get their groove on! Finally, my Megz just showed up. Shes having the most fun, just getting her groove on! Its like the pressure is off & shes just having fun. All the dancers showed off. It was great, Not a killer performance, but it was fun!

#teamstage  @tesssandraChavez    See for yourself

Its a story about 2 couples in an addictive and desperate relationship. Its to be passionate and emotional…which will be the challenge. The ladies will be amazing, but these guys (Jim & Derek) lack connection, passion, emotion, experience…all things they need to make this performance memorable. We shall see…I saw talented dancers that hit their msrk but it wasnt chilling. Its a great routine, but I dont care if I see it again.

So who is going home?  Nobody is a loser here…they all have Star qualities! Their careers are just beginning! I cant wait to hear & see where they end up!

#top6season12 Virgil Gabby Jim Jaja …my guess Neptune & Hailee, I was partly wrong…Megz gets another week!

WHOA Goodbye Neptune and Derek.


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