SYTYCD week 5, top 14

The Top 14 dancers of Season 12!
The Top 14 dancers of Season 12!

Opening number!  Choreographed by @Brianfriedman A Victorian dressed, hip hop beat routine that captured me from the 1st beat!. Its colorful and sexy! #whatteamareyouon This was an incredible routine that combines all the dancers and just highlights dance, rhythm, sexy and fun! watch Opening number, click here

So my early prediction for the 4 people we will say goodbye to tonite:

Derek, Edson, Yorelis Kate…Im thinking this is not exactly righ, bc Ive got 3 #teamstage But Im sticking with this prediction, without even witnessing a single dance. The opening number was si heavily costumed that I couldnt tell who what who…so that does not help their cause.

Performance 1 Asht Nebulo by @Sonyatayeh  (i love this freaky talented woman!) I have been waiting all season for her to get ahold of Jim. I think she can pull out a stronger more masculine more grounded dancer. Jim has the strength and the finesse but I want him to get down and dirty!

Sonya describes this dance as a power play, not a struggle! their touch creates the energy…a static connection! The dancers are connecting on an enrgy level, they understand each other and they want to make Sonya happy…not that she would take anything but perfection!

Jim is beautiful! His physique is sick! And Sonya made him find his fierce! but I havent felt his connection to the audience! Hes got some work to do! He performs so effortlessly that I think i could leap that high in the air too! lol If his talent could be the only factor, he will win! (btw, he was injured this week but just this am he was cleared by the Drs! #impressive)

Yorelis…are you freaking kidding me?!! She is a Beast in the most awesome sense of the word! Shes a beauty! But Im afraid shes peaked too late. She has an incredible future as a professional dancer, but she wont make in to the top 10…

Danger Zone: Yorelis is in the botton

jim is moving on to Top 10 #duh

Performance 2    Hip Hop routine   She Came to give it you Usher feat Nicki Minaj  Choreographer @Mishagabriel

The choreographer says its about 2 models that take the fashion world by storm, the style is sexy edgey runway show with a remix element! It was fun but no chemistry

JaJa can she be sexy enough? UMMM, yes she can! Shes hard hitting and sexy, but maybe not as connected with her partner as she is with the audience! She was the star! Shes having fun and shes enjoying herself, she makes me smile!

Edson can he pull of the strong silent swag man? He can, sort of. He did his best to keep up with Jaja. A couple times he was a little too light on his feet with pointed toes and standing up too straight! Not as good as he needs to be to move on!

the judges were split, Paula loved it, Nigel and Jason werent impressed

Danger Zone: Nobody…they both make the Top 10 (which throws off my Goodbye predictions…as I thought would happen)

Performance 3 Contemporary routine by: @Tycediorio called Cellophane by Sia

A crazy obsessed girlfriend has her man trapped…she wont let him breakup with her! She shows up uninvited & its a scary. Its about the emotion not the dancey dancey light and airy! Its dark and energetic! It starts dark and he runs, she creepily follows, he throws her around and you feel his say get the eff away. The have some acrobatics that are show toppers. they are totally in sync, that tandum almost stumble backwards was perfect…the last move she trapped his legs as he tried to walk away! We will see this dance again, in the finale!

Haley & Virgil…I cant even really focus on them as individuals. This routine pushed each of these dancers out of their comfort zone. No more smiles from Virgil, which is very necessary! Haley as usual, was flawless!

Danger Zone: C’mon, these two will make top 4!

Performance 4 Burlesque Jazz     choreographer:   @tracyphillips66 & Dominic Carbone

They are fish…sexy fish, its quirky & hey have to really work together bc its a lot of tricks that require each other. Its weird not sexy, maybe even a little burlesque in jest. Not impressed, not connected, not sure I liked it.

Alexia is having trouble connecting with this character…she has to overcome! Missed a lift, but recovered quickly.

Ariana needs to find a way to connect with the audience…she needs to convince me she wants me to want her! #yahearme

Danger Zone: I expect to see both in the bottom this week…but I only expect to say goodbye to Ariana (but I could be wrong)

Performace 5  Hip Hop by choreographer @davescott10   called Worth it by Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink

Its about this female Jazz artist that sees a sexy man in the audience, shes intrigued, she brings him on stage. How sexy can they be? Wow that entrance was sick! Dude, Derek stole the spotlight. He was confident and funny. I think he  Im not sure about the character that Megz brought. It was quirky and cute, not the best of the night but it was good.

Megz Can she be the sexy lead? Not sure this was sexy, but she did have a few moments

Derek  Can Derek get #funky? I really dont think so, He tried but he wont make it out of this week

Danger Zone: Derek is automatically in the bottom bc of his injury/non performance last week

Megz is top 10, of course

Performance 6  Contemporary  choreographer: @sjtookey    Take my hand, Precious Lord by: Ledisi (Selma soundtrack)

This piece is about Humanity, predjudice exists in many forms. These people have to connect and trust each other. Hes homeless and she feels compelled to help him. They need to be partners as performers not #teamstage & #teamstreet unite. It starts soft and separated but you can feel the emotions that they want to support each other. The lift where she was spun around like a flag was so beautiful! They were performers! I loved it! The music was secondary to the story they told!

Neptune & Gaby…shine shine shine! These 2 are moving on! They are amazing! I cant imagine how we will ever cut anyone else!

Danger Zone: Neptune…but twitterland will save him! Gaby is moving on!

Performance 7   Broadway  @Brianfriedman

Pinup sailor girls…can Jj go from street dancer in tennis shoes to sexy moves and heels. This piece is a stretch for both dancers! Not sure they can pull it off. Kate is a liltle to shy but a very talented technical dancer. Jj has a lost in translation confusion. And they did their best…but it wasnt all that great. It could have passed as a back up dancer routine. It was cute but not sexy

Jj did her best to understand her roll as a pin up, but she was a little to Good ship lollipop. She had fun, made me smile, but it was not sexy!

Kate is a technical dancer that just cant get dirty! I still stand by my prediction…Goodbye Kate

#TeaMStage @sonyateyeh

The moment you hear really tragic moves…your inhale! That split seconds when lost someone you love & how your process all those emotions in those few moments where time nearly stands still but rushes by! Too hard to describe it Watch it here…amazing

#Teamstreet performance  @krystalmeraz aka Phoenix and @_Pharside

Its a circus freak show…they are to shine as individual characters but they are a cohesive unit! See for yourself…impressive

I loved it! This will be finale performance! This was fun, hard hitting, individuals but also as a unit! Badass!!!

Whats next: Bottom 6

Team Stage: Kate Derek Alexia  (i already said Derek & Kate for sure!)

Team Street: Yorelis Ariana Neptune (predictions Ariana & Yorelis)

#amIrightoramIright ?   No, I am not! Derek stays!  But Neptune does make it!

Results: who makes it to the top 10

Team Stage: Jim Gaby Haley Edson + Derek

Team Street: Virgil Megz Jaja Jj + Neptune

So given the performances who fall in the bottom 4 next week: Edson Derek Megz Jj, Im a bit torn but I kinda expect to say goodbye to Jj and Edson

hmmm…what do you think?


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