Your family deserves a healthier, happier, more positive YOU! And so do you! 

Are you happy, healthy, focused & positive? Do things always seem to overwhelm you, sending you down a grumpy negative chaotic path? Do you think your family would describe you the same way? (their opinion is the only ones that matter) Often I see my friends, wishing, wanting & hoping they did “you name it” better, striving for perfection. And falling short… Heres a reality check, your family won’t remember if it was perfect…they will remember if you were happy, healthy, positive, loving, present & fun. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a flippin break! We, women, (moms/aunts/sisters/daughters), are NOT perfect! #duh #truth #sorrynotsorry And we should not try to be! We should only strive to be better & make progress.

Many of you sent this kids back to school today (this week, recently), which can be exciting, enjoyable but also hectic! Trying to get the a.m routine started can be frustrating, I get it, that kind of frustration can set the mood for the day! Then everything else either falls down the crap-well or you change your outlook & mood!

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How? EXERCISE!!! My go to mood changer is exercise! (You knew I was going to say that, huh?) It’s true! Exercise does more than sculpt your body! It really can help your mind, mood & outlook. #sweatmakesmesmile #shadowboxyourfrustrations

I know what you’re going to say…

No time! Especially for the gym! No problem! 

Really?!? There are 24hrs in a day! Who says you can’t give yourself 1-5 mini sessions. How bout 10mins? How bout 30mins? How bout you give yourself whatever time you can spare. What if you just worked out at home? (No bags to pack, no dealing w traffic or parking lot struggles or daycare) just get up & do Something!

After TODAY, the decision should always be “when” & “how” you’ll do some type of exercise/movement/activity that gets the heart pumping, the endorphins flowing, brain refreshed & the mood enhanced, it should never be “if”! Look at your schedule…put it on there. And make it as non-negotiable as you wld a Drs appt or a play date! It’s a date with Y O U! You deserve it & so does your family.

When? Whenever it works for you! Personally, I prefer the am, before the day happens & the family wakes! But it could be as soon as they walk out the door or while waiting, during their “fill in the blank” activity. (You don’t need to hover, you NEED TO BE HEALTHY & HAPPY) or when theyre brushing their teeth, reading alone, doing homework, etc.

HOW? Do whatever makes you smile (& sweat)! I recommend you try a bunch of exercises/activities until you find the ones you look forward to & challenges you. But some days you just have to do something quick…

Here is a BOSU challenge by my fav fitness guru…Chalene Johnson BOSU Challenge. **

Don’t have any equipment…no problem! 

Get creative! If you don’t have any thing do the whole thing on the floor on your elbows (knees down if you need to) #noshameinmodificationgame

What else could you use? (For this workout!) Office chair pushed against the wall, (it’ll be unstable just like the BOSU), a stability ball or even a basketball, the edge your your bed or a footstool, etc…you can find MANY substitutes. Don’t let equipment hold you back. (I’m guessing you would tell your kiddos to improvise or get creative…now show them what you mean!)

You control your mood! Don’t let the chaos of life & craziness of your family take over. Your mood creates energy, you’re family can feel that energy. Give them Positive energy! Send them into the world knowing Mom is flawless & focused. 😜😉😉. She’s happy & healthy, she values herself, she puts herself in the right mind frame by taking a few minutes (10-20-30-60+) to exercise. She exercises bc she wants to live a long heathy happy more positive life! She exercises so she can take better care of her family! She exercises bc she loves her family! #amIrightoramIright

** Ps. The BOSU is really an advanced move (you’re stronger than you think…you’re raising children or husbands!) It ads intensity by keeping you off balance…that causes more muscles to be active. But SOMETHING is better than nothing! (Ya, hear me?) Believe me, this short routine will get your heart rate up & you will feel your core muscles if not many other muscles!

Pss:  my personal beliefs: You cannot spot reduce fat! However, I can show you different exercises that can build muscle & tone your problem areas.
The best exercises for true fat loss & better health are ones that build your brain muscle! I’m serious!! Educating yourself & using your head, making wise choices that work for you & your family is the best thing you can do. I am talking about eating & being active. But also, who & what you let influence you. #bewise #soapbox  #sorrynotsorry #thisisme


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