Sytycd week 4

opening number: by @floreznick @rjdurell

my first reaction…there’s my girl Jj & then Alexia eeewww she looks badass!  Her face matched the emotion of the #streeturban #hiphop themed dance.

This was fantastic! They were synchronized, the costuming/hair/makeup stage was fantastic. A couple times it was edited in a way to feature the individual dancers.  I remember seeing my man Virgil -that smile! And Hallee & Megz! The boys kinda just blended in…#girlpower

Injury alert: Derek is hurt & advised to take the week off. So he’s not dancing…if you remember I predicted him to be in the bottom 6 this week, I don’t expect Twitterland or the judges to save him. This injury is career ending its just going to cut his SYTYCD journey short.

Female Power! Jazz meets African warrior?!?

Damn are these girls strong & damn sexy too! It was tough to keep my eyes on both dancers. They both were so good but different. The little roll on their backs then the slightest flex to pointed toes…damn ladies that was so cool! There were times when they were beautiful & light on the feet, graceful dancers. Then it got raw and ugly & that was perfect too.

JaJa: love her, #teamstreet has some ballet I her background, who knew?!? She’s a beauty! This costume showed off muscles, body, gorgeous face & her femininity, the dance highlighted it. She was graceful & flowing. She was light & dirty at the same time. Just as the dance was designed. She performed! Sure she cld extend longer or point better but I loved it! Very proud of her! I’ve got High hopes for this one!

Hallee: she’s a classically trained dancer, her extensions are sick. Almost so flawless that I’m not as impressed bc she makes it look so easy. But I know it’s not easy to jump that high, land that soft, dig that deep, remember all the steps & they facial expressions & connecting with the audience…it’s hard! She’s beautiful, graceful, strong & sometimes she has the sickest slightest sexy eyes that you can feel deep in your soul!

Danger Zone…ummm No one is in Danger!

Hip hop Love story gone crazy…insane asylum style, padded room & all! @davescott10

Neptune entered like he was breaking in to his crazy girls padded room through the ceiling. He drops in, Alexia acted scared excited sexy & emotional in about 15seconds, brilliant. That wall tweet to backbend walkover thing was nasty awesome. That walking hip thrusting synchronized hard hitting move that turned into something sexy was so cool! These 2 killed it! I bet we see this dance in tour or the finally show, bc these two freaks will be in to the end! #sexy #groovy #insane

Neptune:  he was the featured back up dancer  to his female partner and that’s exactly what he was supposed to do. He was strong & supportive. He held is own! He has mastered the connecting w the audience. There is something about his smile, you feel his joy! I love happy people! I love watching them do what brings them the greatest joy…dancing brings this guy Joy. #teamstreet

Alexia- damn girl! Damn! Don’t know what they did her this week…but there is definitely something a little more freaky this week, in a good way. She found the inner strength that she’s been afraid to show. She’s sexy & having fun, not just doing the moves.

Danger Zone: come now people….I sd these 2 are going on! And the Voters agree!

Argentine Tango   @miriamLeinardo4

This is a passionate piece. These characters are finally alone…the sexual tension shld be evident (well that’s the plan anyway)

So with injury, the choreographer is going to dance…HE will bring the steam. I hope JJ can match his intensity. I don’t like her dress color or length but her hair & makeup is flawless. She’s a real girl! #shebroughtsexyback It was slow & sexy, it was soft & sensual.

Derek: was injured on day 1 of rehearsals. This will not be a good week for him. I do believe this dance could have made him make it another week, but now. Not gonna make it.

JJ is going Ballroom? This should be interesting… She is an elegant dancer & a sexy woman. She typically hides her gorgeous body, but this left little to the imagination. She was stunning!

Danger Zone: both in danger, 😩  I expect Twitterland to save JJ, I never expected to see her here!

Contemporary @cheesmansean

This is about the Ups and downs of dealing with depression. Ariana IS Jims depression…it’s the struggle of these emotions that we should see! The beginning sequence when Ariana slid down & crushed Jims spirit! It was impactful. To see how Jim felt Ariana’s presence in his life made my heart ache. They were powerful & graceful together! ummm…I have chills & tears. Jim beat that shit depression down! And that makes me emotional.
Ariana such a beauty. It’s hard to believe she’s #teamstreet. She has extensions like a ballet dancer. She has passion & love for dance, but it’s still too internal. The rest of the world needs to really watch her…she’s working out her emotion through her movements. If she makes it this week..she will be safe next week too…I think.

Jim- come now…you think we didn’t know you like bubble baths. He’s ridiculously talented. He can leap over the moon! His legs his physique his soft voice…he was born to be a ballerina.

Danger Zone: Ariana is in danger, however I expect the judges to save her. She’s improving every week but not connecting w the voters.
Broadway   @all_blackstone

Two New Yorkers that bump into each other, for a déjà vu moment, they think. This partnership will be interesting bc of the height difference & genre change. Gaby is a rapper, Virgil #teamstreet Both are full personality that overflows, but will that be too much on stage? Yes! Started out by featuring Gaby tapping skills! The little kick drop split slide thing Virgil did…come on! Sick! It was fun &

Virgil is a lead singer of a Jazz band…what? How cool is that? But it explains a lot for me. He IS a performer. He understands connecting w the audience! Paula just called him a young Sammy Davis Jr…I concur.

Contemporary @cheesmansean

This is about THE power couple at the club. The sexy Alpha male/female! This is a tough routine with lots of lifts…Asaf is not a trained dancer, he’s a b-boy, he’s strong but he always seems selfish to me, which doesn’t make a good partner.  And Kate is scared bc of it. This will either be amazing or a disaster.

I can’t really describe what I’m seeing. They did the moves but they aren’t really connected. I think Kate did her best job to make them both look good. But it just didn’t work for me.

Asaf can win an award for hardest worker. He really tried but it’s just not quality enough. He did his best to be a strong partner to Kate, he never dropped her but he’s not my favorite dancer. This will be his last week.
Kate ( was protected by the FBI bc her father put a very bad man away that vowed to hurt her. I find this relevant! My biggest complain of Kate is her cool collected almost aloof demeanor. Which may be a direct result of this crazy incident when she was 4. I just want her to let loose! I know she’s got it in her, she just needs to #letitgo )

She performed beautifully, her legs are ridiculously long. She tried her best but I’m still missing something. Nigel…however felt he got it. Jason sd she’s a fav of his. Not sure what they are seeing that o just can’t.

Danger Zone: both are in danger. Not a huge surprise for me, my guess: Judges will save Kate but we will say Goodbye to Asaf

Hip hop/Animation.    @chrislxd

He wants Yorelis is to hypnotize Marissa into a street dancer. Info think it’s possible but it will be interesting bc Marissa sells sexy very well…this is to be animated & street, hmmm. Not gonna lie…I didn’t like it. Not sure if it was the music, the lighting, the actual performance. Apparently, I watched a different performance than the Judges, except Jason saw what I did. He wanted more, it was good but not over the top.

Yorelis this is her Genre sort of. I think she did a good job getting uncomfortable in her somewhat comfortable zone. I do


Danger Zone: Marissa

Contemporary  @talia_favia

This is about being extremely intrigued by temptation. Megz is discovering & being sucked back into her temptation…Edson. She’s faceless/masked, she’s graceful & vulnerable. #getonyourfeet #wipeyoureyes These two transformed themselves today. I just want to watch & feel that again!

Edson this guy flies under the radar for me. He’s good but not this seasons winner. #sorry This was a different man today.

Megz #whatteamareyouon I think Megz transformed into an amazing swan tonite! She embraced her femininity & it poured on stage as a vixen! She wa perfect!

Danger Zone: nope! These two have many more weeks!

So here we go…Danger Zone predictions.

#teamstreet JJ, Ariana, Asaf

Goodbye Asaf, Judges save JJ Twitterland save Ariana

#teamstage Derek Kate Marissa

Goodbye Derek,  Twitterland save Marissa Judges save Kate

#Teamstreet group dance @luamky

Inspired by Ny & the hustler spirit. Great combination of individual styles within the #gangstastreet routine. They were having so much fun. Not one dancer stood out they were all stars!

#TeamStage @traviswall

Concept: Ghosts of theaters past. Hmm? A Victorian costuming & makeup to represent the Ghosts is so cool. The lighting & lack of lighting is so cool. It WS sarin& slow, a little creepy the. It happened…they became a team for about 30seconds & it was beautiful but then it went individual again. Memorable but weird.


Twitterland: JJ & Derek ???? I’m a little surprised…ok a lot surprised by this. He didn’t even perform…who the heck voted for him! You feel sorry for him? Ummm…#confused

Judges: Ariana & Kate

Goodbye: Asaf & Marissa


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