Sytycd week 3

Bottom 6 prediction Stage: Derek ?alexia ?kate Moises?

Street: burim, Asaf
Week 3.

Opening number…my boy Virgil still the star! This Caribbean Cuban Miami dance party was fun & beautiful. It showcases the dancers as a whole. Costumes were so fun, loved the street girls got flat shoes & heels on the stage girls.

I really enjoy the banter between @Twitch & @Traviswall thats 2wks in a row that #Teamstage dancers had the most votes. That doesn’t really surprise me.
Contemporary @sjtookey (love her!)

Bravery in many forms. Each dancers takes on a different type of strength: sgl mom, Veteran, abuse survivor. Can they dig deep that we can believe the story.
As a whole it was powerful & beautiful. I think the choreography was unique & flowing they were very synchronized when they were supposed to be. I felt like the wind should be blowing & they were dancing on clouds.
Jaja: impressive. Her determination & desire to be graceful to match the stage dancers is showing. The actual performance was magnificent. I felt her! She’s growing & is so humble yet strong. #teamstreet #whatteamareyouon
Alexia: needs to dance bigger. The dance was strong, however I felt like she could give me more emotion. She moves beautifully & gracefully but I don’t see her as the season winner. She will be on stage somewhere…just not here til the end.
Derek: I hope he can really find his strength & bravery within. He was a soldier, he wasn’t Derek the dancer. I appreciated that. I still want more strength when he’s partnering. But he was good. I want more personality bi want to see he’s comfortable in his own skin.
Danger zone: everybody is safe!
Hip hop @

Haters gonna hate…but these peeps are here to stay…Gang style…whatever! Wow! Loved it!!!! #whatteamareyouon #stankface Mean! I was impressed. When the camera was pulled back I didn’t know who was on what team.

The judges totally disagree with me. Hmmm…not sure what they were watching.
Moises needs to get deep, a little dirty! He got for dirty…cld be harder but it was grittier than I expected. (My guess…this is his last week, but he will be picked up by a dance company by next week!)
Jim ballet dancer gone swagger-master, ummm? He did his best, the costume helped him look bigger & meaner but I thought he hit hard. Impressed
Megz love her! She’s in her element this week…wld like to continue to see her embrace her feminine side, it looks good on her. I thought she was feminine & badass, she hit hard, she was the star for me.
Danger zone: Moises
Jazz @tovarisW
Push & pull of relationships? 2 girls 1 boy, girls are going to fight for him. It’s groovy sassy. I think it should be more battling & hard hitting than it was. Costumes were interesting… It was entertaining but it kinda missed something. It just fell flat for me.
Jj #teamstreet feels this jazz routine is hip hip sexy. She was the star in this mediocre performance.
Edson he needs to own his Manhood…not stage boy attitude. He did well. He embraced sexy…but not not exudes sex. He did very well but not enough to be a front runner for me.
Yorelis missed the mark. She blends in. She’s good but not great. I won’t be surprised to see her in the bottom next week.
Danger Zone: Edson
Cha Cha. @jmgenereux

Fusion between stage & street sort of…Rockstar dude, groupie girl wants to be his +1.

Performance: ok so the story is He is the rockstar…however Marissa stole the show. She hardly payed any attention to her partner. She was sexy & it was sexy but it wasn’t really a Cha Cha. Asaf did his best but he was sloppy.

Marissa trying to be supportive of her partner, but timid in trusting him (I don’t blame her) She hit the moves, she made the moves, she was sexy & pretty, she performed for the audience but never connected with her partner. She will make a few more weeks but eventually she will need to show us more than sexy…we need to see vulnerable.
Asaf: he believes he is a rockstar b-boy but I take it as arrogance. We shall see if he can pick up this choreography & support Marisa.

He has a lot of work to do. He tried really hard. He can capture people’s attention but he’s not a dancer of this quality. I expect him to go home tonite. (I did that last week too)
Danger zone: Asaf
African Jazz @cheesmansean
Dance of the blood moon. Mystical creatures, animal like Beasty! They used canes as extensions of their arms. Synchronized!!! It was animal like & creepy. Cheesman definitely tried to up play talents & downplay weaknesses. The girls still outplayed Burim but overall it was fierce. The make up & costuming was also creepy & mystical.
Gaby hidden gem…we shall see! No way this girl is a tapper! She is amazing. I see her & Jaja duking this out!
Burim I worry about his ability to learn the choreography. He’s so hard on himself. He realizes he isn’t as talented as the other dancers in the competition. I commend him on his humbleness. (That’s very important to me) he’s trying really hard! He knew the steps but he was so worried about missing one (he did miss a little lift) that he just couldn’t let loose & go harder! He’ll make it through this week but then he’s done.
Ariana she’s grateful to have been saved by the judges last week. She was hard & mean & awkward & sexy & I want to see her stay a little longer!
Danger: Ariana & Burim
Contemporary @mrjustingiles

Husband & wife established relationship but he travels for his dangerous work sweet & pretty but boring. A couple moments they were very emotional & breathless

The judges thought it was beautiful, complex & expansive. Hmm…it’s got to be in the editing.
Katie: she’s a soft spoken beauty. Really want to see her Scream through her dance/movement! I didn’t hear her scream, I saw moments of her breaking though, her extensions were incredible but I wanted more.
Neptune: he’s a hard worker. He wants to connect to his partner & this story. He poured his emotions out through his movement.
Danger zone: Kate
Hip hop. Phoenix & Pharside

@krystalmeraz @_pharside

Alien robots, I expect big things from these two! Sick! They are amazing! Give me more, yes paleaze! Hard hitting fun energetic exciting! #jumpingupanddown Best of the night!!!!
Hailee #teamstage #whatteamareyouon She trained in street…#duh
Virgil love him! This is his season!!!

I can’t say anything…they were amazing!
Danger Zone: are you kidding! No way!
Asaf Ariana Burim Edson Moises Kate
Twitter land will probably save: Ariana & Edson
Judges will save: Kate & Burim
Goodbye: Asaf & Moises
Group performance: For my help

Team stage @jaciroyal

When you need help from people to overcome obstacles. It’s all about teamwork & endurance, emotional, connected & vulnerable. Jim is so graceful & strong. I felt more masculinity from him. It was soft & strong, graceful & hard hitting. Not one dancer stands out, as a team they were amazing.
Team street Marty Kadelka

He wants the dancers to be who they are, groovy & hard. They are to let loose. Let it happen. The choreography is

Stankface Jaja starts it out. Her syncopated moment was perfectly timed. Jj stood out to me. There is something sexy in her smile. Neptune & Virgil were having fun. It was a good routine, clean & synchronized. I kept waiting for one of the dancers to start singing. It was a professional performance! I liked it.
Twitter land saves Ariana & Kate
Judges vote to save: Asaf & Edson.

Goodbye: Burim & Moises

Prediction: bottom 6 on week 4 show

Derek Marisa kate

Asaf Yorelis megz?


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