SYTYCD week 2 in review


Opening number…are you kidding me? I can’t! Sick ass shit! I can’t even describe what i just saw…or can I?

Ok…so it starts out all dark & somber, the stilted Mexican skull lady in white stands alone w guitar serenade, her dress opens…out walks more Mexican skull dancers, then the rest of the cast all beautifully dressed & uniquely costumed and disguised, you think it’s going to be some kind of Traditional Mexican frstival dance & it was, until it wasnt! Bam! It got hard heavy & mean!!! It’s suddenly a sick ass hip hop routine. The choreography & the acrobatics, the flexibility! ***Gasp*** Bc of the amazing costuming & make up I actually have no idea who was who, for the most part. Dancers & their styles were completely disguised. They all performed so hard, some in their genre yet not & some compoeltely out of it, but the choreography would suddenly showcase their specific talent. I think at certain points each team grouped up for a team solo, but I’m not 100% sure. No matter what, I loved it, I can’t wait to watch it again! #sickshit #allgood #talented #ilovedance #teamstreet #teamstage #hiphoproutine #whatteamareyouon

Salsa routine…Hailee, Darion, Yorelis

A little disconnected in the beginning seemed to fit trick to trick, didn’t feel the symmetry or simultaneous movements. There was little heart or emotion. They performed the choreography, but it looked more like a dance routine than a performance. I wanted more… None of the dancers are Latin ballroom trained so I should judge that as much, it just wasnt sexy like it should have been. There was nearly a lift rhat would have ended up w a dancer on her face that nearly went wrong. (I have to say, the 1st time I watched it, I wasnt sure what happened. I felt something was weird but I couldnt pin point it, until the judges talked about it…now I see that it could have been really tragic, but Hailee saved it!

Choreography was too fast. The stage seemed slippery. The costume design was weird, I think it cld have been sexier by covering more. These young girls dont have enough curves to make the hip action look sexy! A little more material could have, maybe?

To break down the dancers themselves…they did a fine job as a unit but indiviually

Darion needs to come out of his shell. I see little emotion or expression. I know hes trying hard, I know he has strength heart & vulnerability I just cant see it behind the wall hes created to pprotect himself from the criticism or some type of pain. (Im not expert, but I see people…)

Hailee tried to perform this dance to the best of her ability to stay with the group. I feel if she were with an allstar group, where she was dancing Up she would have performed even better. I think she wants to give us the expression and emotion & we see moments of it, that shes not allowing herself to be the star, without completely showing up everyone else! She could have owned this, even though this was a group dance! Shes beautiful and strong. We have yet to see her completely shine…there is something about this girl, shes starting to emerge as a leader for me!

Yorelis  Im impressed. I think she really did her best. I dont think the sum of the group was necessarily brought down by her. She danced her heart out. Shes not a stage dancer but she performed like a newly trained one…if that makes sense. I think she also has some fear of rejection slightly holding back some of her inner beauty. I cant wait to see her flip that I LOVE me switch! Shes gorgeous & exotic, but hasnt embraced her womanness, yet!

Judges sort of agreed…ok Nigel didnt agree about it not being sexy enough.

Danger Zone Darion…is Not safe

Cry me a river…Jazz  …share in the pain & the misery of being heartbroken from losing a loved one

The costumes are plain, they just dont work for me…I want to see a flowing skirt with barefeet, i think a bronzey cream pleated halter would look amazing, Derek should be in a summer suit in grey both to more represent the passing or loss of someone they love…it only my opinion, lol

The staccato movement int e beging…Ariana nailed it. Then it got a little disconnectedn & flowey…up until the spin where she melted into his chest & then they came together for some amazing tandum dance, that was beaitiful!…That dual back kick split leap thing was Perfect!!! The crowd roared, and Dere found his groove, He felt it, he was on Broadway, he was living his dream That applause was his hearts song! Then they ran in a huge circle w a missed dual split leap. I didnt really understand the ending…

Derek:  I think hes young and unsure, he will gain confidence, I think this is an amazing growing experience…but I dont see him winning in the end. (Its only week 2, I could be wrong) His strengths are in his technique! Hes beautiful and strong, masculine and flexible. His toe points and extentions are ridiculous. However, hes no longer a back up dancer…Hes trying to be a star…I didnt Feel he connect to the theme or the story of loss, I didnt feel he understands how to, I dont know if he has the life experience to pull from. He seems to have been so focused on his training that he may have missed some life around him.

Ariana: #teamstreet This girl has heart and grace…UMMM #whatteamareyouon I think she has a lot to offer & when/if she get with the right choreographer &/or teammates shes going to SHINE (Sonja, NappyTabs, StaceyTookey) would be my top 3 choices to pair her with. I expect bigger better from her soon…

Danger Zone Both in danger… My guess Derek has enough talent & potential that judges will save him. Ariana was so impressive outside of her genre that she too will be safe at the end of the day

Until We Go Down      Contemporary    Alexia Virgil & Megz

In this piece, the girls run Virgils life…their beaity and their love is extremely toxic. I exect everyone to be strong but yet Virgil needs to be vulnerable to “Play” the part.

It was soft and slow, almost romantic in the beginning. I wanted the girls to di deeper into the floor and the movement, i think they could have been a little more explosive or aggressive. then they slid Virgil across the floor…they became a cohesive unit of strength and vulnerabilyt. Virgil stands out, even though the girls are doing an amazing job…I keep watching him, he gets it in his soul. his breathe his being understands what its like to be exhuasted from your relationship! Perfect unison movement for a few moments. It continued to explode

I think the costumes for the girls could have been meaner…they are to be strong toxic women. The rule the Mans life…I pictured something black & strappy or leathery with buckles or something soldier-ish. like something you would see if this were the Pase Doble. Maybe even a Japanese warrir typr ghee

Alexia In rehersal @CaptainTravis believes that she needs to really stand out bc shes #Teamstage hoewever I disagree. I believe she can shine but blend in and show shes an equal female to Megz, as designed by the choreographer.
Her formance…shes a beauty, but I want her to be a little more gritty & strong. she had a few facial expressions that you knew she felt her strength, but she will need to improve here!

Virgil I love his SMILE. I feel he has potential to win, not really based on talent, more based on his likeability and humbleness. Hes a little cutie too, that doesnt hurt him any! His energy is contagious, his smile is infectious, Hes my top male congtender! (so far)

Megz  Brilliant. She allowed her femine side come out, she was passionate & graceful combined with her natural strength. I will enjoy watching her transformation. Please hook her up w Sonya!  Can she win…not sure, but I know she will have an amazing future on stage…mama GaGas.

Danger Zone EVERYONE IS SAFE…of course!

Bollywood`   Lily, Burim Gaby & Edson

The music is exciting & bright just like the stage, makes me want to get up and dance too. I cant help but smile and bounch and want to spank the baby…I mean bootay too! The costumes are colorful and perfect. The makeup and accessories…gorgeous

Lily  Well…she was there on stage with Gaby, and she did really well, she looked like she was having fun, great smile. But i was capitvated by Gaby that I cant tell you much about Lilys actual performace. It didnt stand out as good or bad. She did fine but not a star for me. Although shes a whacker so she was sooo out of her element that being said…she did amazing keeping up

Burim  Im immediately concerned for the group. Although this bouncy type of performance is right up Burims alley. I think they edited it well. the cameras seemed to switch when Burim was front and center. I think he is good, but not good enough. He has a great smile & his fabulous in his own genre but I see him dancing for his life…often (I know so did twitch, but that was a weekly privilege!)

Gaby Shes beaitiful, probably the biggest sleeper on the show through auditions, but she kills it tonite! Shes crisp and engaging and easy to watch, she is the lead on this team! Keep an eye on this one!

Edson  Got lost in the background a bit. Of course, the male dancer isnt the lead in this routine, so he did his job…but when it came to him taking lead…Burim who? Seriously, hes techniquely exquisite. His limbs and his extentions, his hands were perfect, (thats a big deal with the bollywood dances) he was crisp and his mark…guess his cheering days paid off!

Judges agree…they enjoyed it, lots of energy. and that the boys were a little more like backgroiund dancers & Burim needs to keep working hard

Danger Zone Lily…is not safe. Im confused that Burim isnt as well

Broadway   @spencerliff

A trio of Jazz muscians…they are to use thier bodies as the instruments. This should be interesting, 2 #teamstreet 1 lady #teamstage Didnt really like the slow remix of All tha Bass. until it started to speed up.The choreography was spot on, he was able to stay in the genre yet showcase the dancers unique skills. The twinkle of the piano and the trombone and the way the dancers moved made me believe i was watching a traveling band of muscians. The Bugsy Seigel, colorful almost 1940s gangster style suits and bright color costume was perfect. Kates red hair was as much an accessory as the long fringe on her flapperish dress.

Asaf- Not my favorite dancer, I do think things get lost in translation. And that his sometimes arrogance is probably an exterior he built to hide his insecurities. I loved that @Twitch took the time to be honest and open. maybe not blunt enough given the language issue but I think it helped. He improved but hes still fighting the dancer that wants to emerge. I think hes got a hard road ahead of him, if he gets to stay around.

Kate is long and lean, seems hesitant or restrained emotionally. She needs her “Gypsy” moment to come out…I would have liked her to be more bold rather than demure. She has grace and talent but it need more pazazz! She needs more sexy in her movements and eyes. I think she could have really played that up more but shes Beautiful, shes confident, shes cool and collected.

Neptune  Impressive! He gave it his all. I think he pictured himself on a Broadway stage, he sold/exagerrated the movements perfectly. I could see him enjoying the dance rather than just doing the steps. Hes got this! Is he a front runner…not sure. But hes in the lead pack for sure!

Judges…Asaf, most improved. They gave great advice on how to improve more. Kate is confident but needs to give more, they loved Neptune

Danger Zone:  WHAT…Neptune is not safe but Asaf is. Dont agree with these votes, However Neptune isnt going anywhere. We will see him for alot longer

No woman No cry           Hip Hop

This isnt your average hip hop routine…so the choreographer says. Its about male empathy to women struggles. Sounds interesting. Im excited. hr mirroring was magnificent. Jim is doing an amzzing being JaJa shadow & partner… They are having fun & telling a story. I felt their joy and emotion. Loved it…actual #tears I felt their talent in my bones! Im impressed with this one. The costume itself didnt stand out, per se. I mean, I feel like i watched a love story, & I dont care what they had on. I loved it as a whole!

JaJa  is usually hard hitting hip hop stank face fierce but this piece required just the opposite, She was precise and strong yet she was soft and femine. She complemented Jim as much as he supported and shadowed her. It was a perfect union. This is my top girl, right now. I think there will be many surprises from her to come!

Jim Took the leap…he transitioned from a ballet dancer to a performer for me tonite! He let loose, he relaxed and had fun. I felt him have fun. He is truly a showstopper. More out of his genre work could make America fall in love. (he reminds me of a very very lean Alex…from a fee seasons ago, also a ballet dancer)

Judges…took words out of my mouth!

Danger Zone Get off the stagethese 2 are safe!

Cheater Cheater pumplim eater, lol        Jazz…

the story is this man was just caught by both his girls. They join forces to confront him. Now these are 2 strong girls. Marissa just excudes sexy, and JJ erll shes an innocent fierce and Moises, well hes no playa! In fact, I bet he has no game with the ladies…so hes going to have to dig the deepest for me to believe his performance.  It hit hard from beat one. The girls were amazing, I enjoyed the little smirks. But i think they cld have been even tougher. they kept going even after a slight prop mistake, I liked it, not loved it.

Moises he did well, he was strong, his technique is out of this world…Id like to see him with 25more lbs and a few more years under his belt…he will be a beast then! Can he win? Dont think he will go beyond top 10, which is amazing as well

Marssa  I think this is hard for her…they keep telling her to make it less sexy, but thats just who she is. She is sexy or at least has adopted it as her outer shell to hide her vuolonerable side. Im afraid these critiques are going to make her crawl back into her shell. I want her to give me more emotions not hide the ones shes mastered

JJ  learned to point her toes to mimmic #Teamstage she did very well. if i didnt know she was a street dancer I would say shes a stage dancer that needs more confidence, but other than that I think she did really well. I like her look, scowl, stank face whatever you call it. I think its great

Danger zone…Moises. He will be fine, at least this week

Team Street performs: @chrislxd and @phillipchbeeb (former competitor, Allstar, now choreographer)

Its a balancing act…literally. This team will do whatever it takes to make this look SICK! AND thats exactly what they did! They killed it! The bboys were in sync, the rest of the froup was in perfect unison. Neptunes unique ability fit right in.

Team Stage  @traviswall

The story is, they are gods of WAR. Its intense, expolisve, its confusing its a tug of war of strength and bodies. Travis really expects more! They will not be beat by Team street this week. #Bringiton I cant wait to watch it!

Gladiator like music  meet street peasants. The lighting & the camea andgles sucked me in! The synchonised ridicuolously high leaps, lofts. body tosses

Danger Zone, bottom 6 perform:  One dancer from both teams will go home tonite. They sometimes perform a dance for your life routine and then the judges decide this year the Twitter-verse gets to save 1 dancer from each genre (not exactly sure what that means, but we shall see)

Team Stage:   Moises    Derek  Darion

Team Street:  Neptune  Lily    Ariana

 my prediction is we will say goodbye to Darion & Lily…

Tonite no Dance for your life…the Twitter-verse saved Moises and Neptune.

Judges agree w Twitter-verse, and they agreed with me…we say Good bye to Darion and Lily.

As most people took the time to vote…I will predict that the bottom 6 will be (this was hard!)

Team Stage:    Derek   Alexia    Kate

Team Stage:   Burim    Asaf     Ariana

Who are my front runners…

Team Stage:    Gaby  Jim  Hailee      Team Street: Virgil    Jaja    Neptune

Im going out on a huge limb here…But I see this as Virgils season. He will be Americas Favorite dancer


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