So You Think You Can Dance…my review…what did you think?

Season 12 started a few weeks ago with all the auditions and call backs & Vegas week, top 20 picks…Now we get the LIVE episodes that we get to vote on who we like most. (I dont typically vote, I just watch & let America take charge) This season is completely revamped…we have 2 teams 1. Street 2. Stage w 2 capatains, Twitch & Travis Wall, Former dancers turned All stars and beyond! They are amazing all on their own, I believe they will give the cast memebers the guidance they need to handle the emotion & the struggles that re involoved with this intense roller coaster these young people just boarded! Im pretty clueless when it comes to these dancers names (yet) I dont have a fav or front runner…I dont think. But it wont be long before I have a prediction…

Who are they?

Team Stage                            Team StreetIMG_2285

1. Jim                                            1. Virgil
2. Darion                                      2. Yorelis
3. Hailee                                       3. Lily
4. Edson                                       4. Megz
5. Kate                                           5. Jaja
6. Gaby                                          6. Ariana
7. Derek                                         7. JJ
8. Marissa                                     8. Neptune
9. Moises                                       9. Burim
10. Alexia                                      10. Asaf

The Top 20 perform a group routine choreographed by Chris Scott.
The Top 20 perform a group routine choreographed by Chris Scott.

Opening number…loved it. The combination of the street vs stage was perfect! Each team was in unison yet they were a cohesive unit as a whole as well! So excited for this season!!!!!!

_W5A9586_hires1Super powers unite @davescott

Show stared when Neptune showed up! They movement is strong but not hard hitting. I’m impressed but not thrilled. I think it could have been bigger & harder. thanks Paula & Jason, we agreed #waypastgood #teamstreet
#girlpower #powerfuldancers #sickseason Click to view performace

_W5A9648_hires1  Luminous. @sjtookey (I love Stacey Tookey! Shes so talented)

This tapper-girl, Gaby, can dance. She’s beautiful & well rounded. Great advice from Travis…the dancers bodies, commitment to their craft, their technique got them to this stage but only their personality will carry them through. Bc everyone else on that stage is equally as talented. It’s what’s on the inside that matters the most! I digress…back to the performance. The music seems heavenly, the stage mimics & the all white costumes are beautiful All I keep thinking is, is pay for this! it’s like the opera…not sure exactly what’s going on but it’s brilliant! The dbl male leap was beautiful. The flow & synchronicity was breathtaking. Loved it. #teamstage

_W5A9764_hires1 Switch screens       @chrislxd

The producers have some interesting editing going in to make it look more in sync. Lighting is odd, costumes are boring, the music weird, choreography strange…I feel like there was some type of disconnect…however the dancers together was great, #girlpower they made me smile, bc they were so strong. The #bboys were ok, for me, when they were by themselves. Loved JaJa! Lily was awesome! #teamstreet  Im on the fence…apparently, I watched a different dance. All judges…loved it. ???

_W5A9822_hires1  Noir.      @brianfriedman

That’s was sick. These girls were amazing, strong & sensual! That flip frm the floor (shablam) onto their   feet (stilettos) made me scream out loud, like I was at a sporting event! It was sexy…designed to be sexy & they sold the sex…it wasn’t a burlesque & it wasn’t strip club, it wasn’t over performed, it was beautiful. The girls were beautiful & strong & sexy. The redhead, Marissa…is my fav. The 2 blondes were beautiful but they just aren’t as memorable, for me #teamstage I was sorta surprised by the judges comments about it being a little too sexy.

_W5A0043_hires1   Ballet boys meet gladiators?

Hate the costume design…these boys need pants, not cheeky panties! It was strong & full of flexibility & poise, the technique was way sick, the music fit the choreography, it was mean & beautiful! (but I cldnt get past the butt cheek) thank you: Paula! #teamstage  Watch here

_W5A0226_hires1    Locked out

Cheesy set design, think Virgil’s costume shld have been different…i dont know what it should be but he looks like just pulled him from the audience! #justsayin   Choreography was either amazing or ok…but I just don’t think it was a perfect as it could be. They performed it well, they executed it but the moments between the movements needed to be sharper or more believable or something…I’m left wanting more. (Thanks again, Paula) #teamstreet
_W5A0251_hires1   Love that hurts people @Traviswall

Her sweet face has made me love her bc she looked so happy to be in love! Beautiful fluid movement. Their expressions are heartfelt. I’ve been here…I get then, they get it…#tears #crybaby #perfect I loved it…travis agreed! #nailedit.

Maybe I watched a different dance…Nigel is crazy! Paula asked for more emotion? Jason too…Hmm? #teamstage

Look what we started w Jason, the judge

Jason Derulo, joined by the All-Stars, performs
Jason Derulo, joined by the All-Stars, performs “Cheyenne.”

It finally hit its stride when the male Allstars came out, the guys did that crazy drop to one knee & repeat. Sick! Like bite your fist, seen a good sucker punch, kinda #sick

All in all, pleasantly entertained

#Teamstage Broadway    _W5A0343_hires1

Hmmm…little creepy/weird Costumes…interesting

Love the tap! The chair partner routine was a little stale for me. Bring in the canes, loved that section.            Overall, if I were in a theater & this performance was in the middle of the Broadway show…I wld be very satisfied.

#Teamstreet     by @napptabs

Team Street performs a group routine choreographed by NappyTabs.
Team Street performs a group routine choreographed by NappyTabs.

You have to watch this, to totally appreciate it! Check it out!

Rehearsal: Go girls! They were killin it! I love Virgil…he has the best smile! I cld take or lv the bboys…#sorrynotsorry

Performace: Military themed? Didn’t see that coming. The editing/producers was intersting, I love how they turned the angle so we saw the audience, the perscoective was fun, made the TV land view probably even better than being live in the studio!

Oooohhhhh…ummm yeah! They beat beat beat human explosion, stand up & shout, the syncopated movement & the stomp section. Jajas stank face, Virgil’s smile! Daaaaammmmm Badass, Mo fos in da house! STAND UP🎉🎉🎉🎉 WOO HOO!!!! IMPRESSSSSSSED!!


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