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Last week, I began Chalean Extreme, again, I think I’ve done it 2 or 3xs before. I was in a totally different place mentally, emotionaly & physically, I did have results. Each time I would tell myself how much I enjoyed lifting but I didn’t make it long term commitment to lifting weights.  Lets back this up a little…

I began this journey way back in 2010, with Chalean Extreme.

before shot

I was sad and emotionally wreckless I just left a long term relationship that had gotten ugly and scary! But my journey to refind me was started…I knew I already loved Chalene Johnson, she gave me my soulate workout called Turbo Jam a few years earlier, she ignited my passion for exercise, she made me feel like I could conquer the world!

Despite that success, iphone 050iphone 087

I lost myself again…I started to crumble. I had mostly continued my fitness  journey (I was still teaching 3-4classes/wk) but I kept stuffing my face! And guess what…you cant out exercise the bad eating

clx results 172

I let myself go…I was back to sad and hating myself & hating my backward progress…which clx results 660took me back to stuffing my face & trying to do more cardio than I was eating! I did have the new tools of the 21 day fix portion control container systemsummit 154clx results 663

So what was I going to do about it? Well, I was convinced Piyo was going to change my life…and it did a lilttle…I was doing well but I was learning more and more about building muscle mass vs cardio burn…

Then, in  the fall, I spent a couple months mixing it up with the Lean for Life schedule from CLX and other programs (LesMills Pump & combat, and Piyo, plus my Turbokick and Piyo classes) Which is what got me to I decide to go for BodyBeast…I had been putting on this program for many many months! Now was the time…I did 1 month, got really sick w some kind of respitory thing, I finished the year w a hodge podge of this or that pretty much mostly cardio focused. Even though I was reading & IMG_6038hearing & seeing so much about weight lifting is what ladies need, especially after 40…hello I turned 42 in December 2014, I was tired & weak. I didn’t think I could lift &IMG_6017 build & maintain my stamina. I had so many doubts (&doubters…do it but don’t look like a man)


And bam! Jan 2015, I made the commitment to start & complete Bodybeast! I was on a mission. They were doing casting calls for it, I wanted my testimony on that infomercial…on Jan 5, I began! It was awesome & ridiculously hard. I really could barely walk after Leg day, I loathed it but I kept pushing play! Day after day…I liked pushing iron, I hated the weird stares from the dudes…sorry, I’m invading your space! #sorrynotsorry.


 Its been 6 months doing 2 Rounds of Body beast, I have a new appreciation for weightlifting. Some people may say my results don’t sound all that impressive…but I don’t really care what it sounds like, I know what it looks like!  I actually lost about 4lbs…I love what it did to my body & my mind! I have a smaller more compact physique & I feel more committed, more focused & determined than ever. I’m stronger, more confident & no longer gym-timidated by the big boys in the weight room. Lol #truth.

Day 1.  185lbs                   Day 168  181lbs

waist:  37.5                          waist:  36

  Hips: 41                             Hips: 39

 Chest: 38                           Chest: 36.5

 Arms: 12                    Arms: R 13, L 12.5

 Thighs: R 20 L: 20.5    Thighs: 21.5

-4lbs -4.5in in torso, +4inches of muscle on arms & legs

Why not just do another round of BodyBeast?     I have a few reasons, not sure these are even in any order.

– I was missing my girl…#chalenejohnson I wanted to really push my results w her program.(I credit her for me starting my journey), now I pay homage to her by proving her “flopped” program really works. And soooo many people have jumped on the Beast bandwagon, i like to be a #trendsetter, lol! (I actually just refer to do me, if it catches on that’s great)  Don’t get me wrong…BodyBeast is amazing! I have an amazing base of lean muscle mass but it’s really hard for me to lift 5-6 days/wk. So…Chalean Extrene to the rescue. I did take a week off between these two programs…which doesn’t necessarily mean no exercise. (Exercise is such a part of my daily routine that I’m not sure I could take 7days of rest…that would be stressful!) I did about 30-60mins cardio 4 days that week.

I completed Wk1 w Burn circuit 1, 2 & 3, Burn it off, recharge (frm Turbofire) & a cpl hrs of Turbokick. (Burn 3 is a little more lower body focused, felt it a little on Sat…made me smile! It’s the perfect amt of pain & discomfort, lol.) Day 1.  181lbs 

waist:  36.5

Hips: 39

Chest: 36.5

Arms: R 13, L 12.5

Thighs: 21.5

Whats next?  Stay tuned, Ill be sharing updates…


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