Body Shaming! Does size matter? Big or little…Its not nice, stop it!

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Recently, I was listening to a series of podcasts about body image & body shaming.

Feeling Bad about your Body  This was an interesting point of view. I certainly appreciate the honesty in sharing the internal monologue someone with amazing self esteem goes through in preparation for video or print media/production. How amazing it wld be to never be concerned about what someone might say or actually know the look of the once over, especially when you say you’re a fitness professional. Yet, the empathy of the struggle is real. She really gets it. Did you listen? What did you think…leave me a comment. Id love to hear your opinion.

Chubby Kid mentality  I totally relate to this podcast the most. I was the big kid, (still am) in my family, I was the one ppl joked about being too big for her britches, and not in a sassy kinda way. I was the kid that couldnt borrow their friends clothes bc I was too big, I thought I was HUGE, even now i struggle…if only I cld be as fat as I thought I was when I was a teenager. Seriously, that thought does cross my mind. In high school, I was huge, at least I felt that way. I weighed about 135lbs, SO I was NOT HUGE, however I had a poor relationship with food & an even poorer understanding of how to fuel my body. I played sports, ate like crap lived off nachos, fast food, diet pepsi, slimfast, chocolate chip cookies,brownies & ice cream, lol. Im not joking!  I even lost some weight, by going to the gym before school for aerobics, hardly eating all day, maybe a cookie & a slim fast (eeewww, remember those?) but I was still bigger, more curvy, more muscular than the “popular/pretty” girls. (I will get into all that in another blog…I will post the link here)

I get it! Maybe you will too… Biggest thing learned, the acceptance begins with me. I have to stop beating myself up! #Stoptheshaming #selflove Do you carry anything with you today that is probably a result of something that happened to you when you were young? Heck, maybe just admitting to yourself that you realize You are not those comments. You are Unique and AMAZING, you deserve to love yourself for all your beautiful parts.

Too skinny??  I connected with this one too. I once had a client that corrected me when I called her daughter a little peanut or pimp squeak or something like that. I was really taken back, I just never understood it this way…it implies, shes not normal…umm, I thought my client was being overprotective! However, after listening…  I realize I was wrong. I would never say hey fatty, or look at you, chunky monkey. (At least not after a cpl months old) But seriously, why is saying someone is big is worse than saying they are small? Its not different. We should not comment about anyones weight, man woman, child, big or small. It not nice! Do you know what I mean?

Did you ever look at someone that is extremely thin and think…must be nice? They probably can eat anything or they must never eat or they sure need to eat a burger or have dessert, they dont understand the struggle. Or when you were a kid (or at anytime in your life) did you tease someone with skinny mini or boney-butt? I remember, recently saying I wish I was as fat as you think you are. Not thinking I cld be hurting them By dismissing their reality. Shame on me! #herstruggleisreal

What do you think? Let me hear it…leave me a comment! #letschat


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