to Grow or go have fun

Ok friends…I’ve been struggling with this decision! To go or not to go, that is the question! And you cld go too! Last year, I invested in the Marketing Impact Academy, (amazing on line academy created by Team Johnson, to help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas so they can live their lives by design!) However, I’ve never took advantage of this information or implemented all that I have learned. I’ve felt extremely disappointed with myself, bc I know I’ve got the potential & these are the tools, the formula, the shortcuts I need to fulfill my potential! 

One of my biggest excuses…Time! “If I only had time”. Well the truth is, I fill my time with other “things” 
~~~side note~~~ I’ve spent the last 7 weeks working my ass off, covering my boss’s maternity leave. I’ve for sure made a ton of $$$ (which will afford me my trip) but I’m tired & im convinced NOONE shld work this hard! Lol. No, seriously! I’m not above Hard work, but a body/brain can only do that for a certain period of time. Which confirms, I need to earn a passive income which wld allow me to work less & live more! I want to design a life & work around my vacations, educational trips, dreams & desires not try to experience my life around my work schedule. I had it once, I will do it again #biggerandbetter #LiPix
A month or so ago, they announced the Live event dates & location. (June 17-20, Carlsbad, Ca)..ummm, I’m already going to Summit in July. No way I can afford both, even though I know it’s crucial that I get my head on & get focused! So I chalked it up, as shoulda coulda woulda. Then, 

Well…I find myself with 2 tickets to the LIVE event. And an amazing email/video from Chalene Johnson herself, telling me what to expect & why I should attend.  

 I trust & believe what she says…She understands, she speaks my language, she makes me feel like she’s only talking to me, it’s like she reads my mind (yet doesn’t get why i don’t follow thru or become overwhelmed, she’s spells it out…) And she’s right, I have to examine my goals & priorities as well as the results I want. I have to ask myself…”if I can only attend 1 event, what is my goal? Well, I feel I need to Implement the foundations of a successful business plan, the technical part, & the parts that can be automated, so I can focus on the social part of my business. The actual important part…the  People! I want to help people Be Real, Be Fit, Be Beautiful, Be Youx2. Which means I should do what propels my business forward…not what motivates me to want to propel my business. #doyouknowwhatimean 

Bottom line…I need to implement. I need to find the time! I have tons of motivation, I just SUCK at follow thru! I need a system that helps me with what I stink at. I need to stop wanting & start doing. I need to walk my talk!  

I believe attending the Marketing Impact Academy is the “smarter” decision at this time for me. However, I still want to attend Summit. I actually set myself a goal, if I earn a certain amount of money, (because I was able to implement my plan!) I will still attend. 

Beachbody Summit is so energetic & fun, lots of motivation & recognition, there are learning & creative seminars, workouts & shopping all of which I love! But I need more than that right now. 

Which brings me to the funding…I pay cash! I cut up my credit cards, I have paid off 2 cards in the last year. But I have a significant balance on 1 (I have a plan to pay it off this year!) #nomoredebt But that makes these “sudden” decisions challenging. But not impossible. Remember, I’ve been working extra at the shop while boss is on maternity leave, so I have been “saving” money. My plan was to pay for Summit, now I’m shifting that toward MIA. (And looking for cheap flights to Nashville, just in case!) 

Lastly, I have 2nd ticket, I want to help you attend too! Message me if you want to learn more about what I’m doing! 


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