Parenting anxiety 

boy oh boy, I sure am glad I don’t have kids. I’m aware how inadequate I would be. 

Seriously, I have a client that was just talking to me about her 13y/o…they are working on her 8th grade class schedule, can’t decide if she should start Spanish 1 or continue with extracurricular Hebrew. I said how does it help either way…well when she’s applying to college which will give a greater edge…2 languages semi fluent or 1 language fluent, 2nd language w a fair understanding. It gets better… And then that sets us up for her Ivy League graduate school, what do those colleges look for in their apps.  What?  She’s going in to 8th grade! Let’s slow this race down…you’re already planning 7-10yrs frm now! Am I crazy? I’m pretty sure I’d be like so lax…take what classes you want, it’s 8th grade. No college transcripts will see this. Try some things out, see if you have a passion or interest in XY or Z.  I don’t stress, I feel you can sometimes learn more by experiencing life than taking a test or passing a class. 

Then she proceeds to say she’s having her 16y/o HS Freshman tested by the college counselor so they can better determine what career path she should be on, so they can 1. Narrow the college choices down & 2. gear her classes  toward what those colleges look for.  Ummmm… (I’m only speaking from experience) it’s hard to determine your true passions from a test. I was told I should be in the Coast Guard! Not saying that the Coast Guard is bad, I’m saying…they sponsored the test. So I don’t exactly have faith in a series of questions truly identifying your future career. Especially, bc this 16y/o has NEVER had a job. Yes, she volunteers. But those volunteer positions have been Good will, not hard labor or labor intensive. I believe you need to sample a variety of positions to help determine your future. Grateful to not have to making these decisions for/with kids. 

Apparently, it’s important to place your child in a school where they will rank at least the top 50% of the class. Otherwise, it’s a crush to their ego, self worth and future job opportunities.

 Wow! I had no idea. I’m very glad I don’t live by these rules! 

I’m guessing they don’t think me graduating #1 of my Cosmetology class is all that important. I went to college…Hated it! I knew I was destined for a different path. Many ppl are. I could go, but it won’t further my position at the salon or in my business. Sure I cld get a degree I exercise science & nutrition but the cost & time doesn’t make sense. I have life experience, I also have mentors & other resources to gain knowledge. I’m sorry I don’t think a degree is the be all end all in the game of success! But that’s me. 

What I do know, is these 2 kids are the 2 most axioms girls I’ve ever met. I see them very busy, over scheduled, under rested (even that’s on a schedule) and not enjoying their childhood. 

Makes me sad. Maybe, I’m wrong. Just seems like they are so focused on their grownup lives that when they become grown ups they will have no identity. Who will they be if they aren’t focused on thier status in life. And have no memories of a childhood. 

Am I wrong? What’s your thoughts? Relax…it’s all going to work out in the end! 


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