Beachbody Classic 2015 was recently announced…Did I enter?

Slide backgroundLast summer I attended the Beachbody classic 2014, it was amazing to see these men & women. I mean, they had muscles on muscles and were more tan than a human should be, lol. The competition was opened up to all Beachbody programs, (2013 was BodyBeast only) It was exciting to see how hard all these finalists worked…there was a huge group of competitors that worked equally hard, invested as much time and had given up part of the Summit experience just to be judged. (The audience didn’t get to see them. I guess I feel they should have gotten at least 1 pass for the audience, but I understand in interest of time and whatnot) But my main issues was the female winner claimed to have done 21 Day fix…which she may have but she was a professional competitor.

Slide background

She knew how to walk and pose, her bikini was competition style. I’m not denying her quality of muscles, and I’m to assume her physique was achieved naturally. Well, I was immediately turned off & disappointed. First of all, nobody believes she did 21 Day Fix and achieved these results…I actually think the MC Michael Nehman snickered when he heard that answer. So I thought NO WAY can I accomplish those results, I already felt defeated! I knew my truth, how sad it was. I was 210lbs! How on earth could I compete with professional competitors? My friend says then you just don’t want to…maybe she was right. Maybe I was scared…maybe I didn’t want to look like the winner…maybe it wasnt even the body I wanted. WAS IT? I had to think about this.It took me a few months…like 5, before I even started the BodyBeast.  I did 3 wks (Block 1), got sick, finished 8 more weeks, took a week off, started Round 2! I actually like the changes I’ve seen in my physique as well as my mindset.

Mindset?  I realize I’ve reached that point in my journey that the question is not ever IF I will workout, it’s when, except weekends. I do take at least 1 day off from anything I would consider a workout. I really don’t have the support at home when it comes to exercise. Some people, in my life, have far less expectations of me. So days off are more important to them, their happiness (or lack of grumpiness) is important to me, so I have a little rest day perfectly scheduled to make everyone happy. (The Beast schedule differs the days off, probably to encourage muscle confusion. But that schedule just doesn’t fit…so I alter it. I will sometimes do 2-a-days with different workouts/body parts if that works best for me.)

It took me a long time to give myself permission to alter the written schedule. It was like I felt some Beachbody creator will know I didn’t do it the way they designed and something would happen to me. Then my results wouldn’t count. Ha #SMH

Bottom line, it’s a guide. Not a law! It’s important to follow it as best as possible but reality is, I’m doing my best! I also prescribe to the school of thought  when it comes to lifting, as long as you’re not working the same muscles over and over…like 2 leg workouts in the same day or 2 days in a row, it’s pretty much money! I understand my body, I understand what it feels like when I over work myself & when I don’t fuel myself properly

Which brings me to…

I’ve realized, I had only really mastered part of the equation, I actually enjoy working out, I do it for my mood as well as my health, but I fail in eating a certain way. So, I released some “freakiness” around my eating habits. The truth is, I can’t adhere to the “Rules” attached to some meal plans. The problem I’m creating is anxiety around food. I was feeling obsessed and feeling like a failure at the same time. (Remember, I’m an emotional eater, so this was bad!) I just didn’t have the flexibility in my schedule to eat every 2-3hrs, nor was I hungry every 2-3 hours, but I didn’t want to “wreck my metabolism”…I was eating out of habit, fear, frustration. I thought I fought that battle, I thought I had trained myself NOT to just eat to eat. I was gaining weight & I was frustrated. Then Chalene Johnson started talking about intermittent fasting with Melissa Mcallister and the 8 Hour Ab Diet ( ) …which lead me to other podcasts & studies and finally an epiphany…I am unique, not everything Ive been hearing (& preaching) will work for everyone. Especially me.

WHAT IF? What if it turns out, that it’s really ok that I design the diet that works best for ME. These guides and rules are not based on Me they are based on the avg person. Not my perfectly unique metabolism, blood type, schedule/life. So it was up to me to figure out what does work…

I get up at 5:15, teach class 6am, workout 7am, I typically don’t really get breakfast before 10-11a, then sometimes I’m really not interested in eating until 3p, I don’t get dinner until 830/9, even though I go to bed at 1130/12. I don’t get 7-8hrs of sleep. Is it normal? For some NO…for me it OK.

GUESS WHAT? I’ve learned its OK cause it’s my life and my life is ok… Oh my, I digress!  I promise to make a post concerning my new eating habits/meal plan. Plan to succeed and ok longer be a slave to my food.

Anyway…back to Beast Classic What was I going to do?

First of all, what were the results from my first round…see for yourself

I lost exactly 5lbs, 4inches (I actually gained 1/2 inch on each thigh!) & 3% body fat. Some ppl may judge by scale alone or even all the figures and say it’s not a huge difference but it is a loss! And Im celebrating! I totally LOOK different. Im wearing smaller sizes. So I would say, I had some success. However, I didn’t have a grip on my eating but I had my epiphany (remember?)  So, this round is going to be different, the Classic is always in the back of my mind…maybe even more like a constant echo…I was constantly reviewing my results…could I do it?  Do I have the discipline to really dedicate myself to the process! DO I even want to do that? What is the real benefit? How much time will it take? Can I actually eat that type of food, that much food & follow this plan? How much of summit will I miss? Whts the prize & benefit of winning? Do I have the support to keep going when I don’t think i can do it!  Hmmmm….lots of questions that only I can answer.

Then, BOOM!!! Beachbody Classic 2015 was announced, A decision had to be made! What am I going to do? Well, I decided to not enter the BeachBody Classic for a number of reasons. Many of the questions above really wouldn’t impact my journey or business in a long-term committed role. I know I wasn’t going to adopt this for a lifestyle & it’s not the experience I want to have when I’m at Summit 2015  so what now?

Is that the end of Body Beast?  Absolutely not! Like I said, I like what I see. The changes are amazing. I’m wearing smaller clothes, I know I’m burning fat, I’m eating more & healthier, I’m scheduling & sticking to my schedule better, I’m feeling stronger & more confident. So I decided I am committed to achieving amazing results so I can be a part of the newest BodyBeast infomercial testimonies that will be recorded at Summit2015. It too takes commitment but not the same discipline/rule following commitment that is focused on a relationship with food that is too much for me to handle. (Right now)

Where am I now?

I just finished block 1…which is 3 weeks, focused on Building new muscle tissue, the workouts are divided into Chest/tris, Legs, Back/bis, Shoulders, Beast Cardio & Abs. They vary in length 38-50mins. Designed for 6 days/wk 1 rest day (I dbld up cardio & a lift 1 day, keeping it 5 days, w weekend rest days.

The workout themselves are hard, as long as you push yourself. The shaking arms that can barely push the dumbbells 1 more rep is the goal! Im strong! Really! And Im proud of it. I am  currently up 3lbs, which is very likely due to the increase in my diet and a few hiccups with eating in general (thats always my problem) But Im excited to show these results too!

Get your own BodyBeast:|Body%20Beast&Qty=1


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