Fashion week in Paris…Whats that mean for you and me?

Yep…Fashion week in Paris just ended, but was does that do for us? Not a whole lot, but Isn’t it nice that the celebrites are all privy to the newest upcoming fashion trends. Much of what is seen on the runway will be what inspires what we actually wear fall 2015. Depending on where you live,  it may be longer before these trends take off. Here in the ‘Burgh…we are behind in fashion.
What is going to be in for spring/summer 2015?   What do I see as current trend influences?  What are they wearing? 

I see a few different styles but there is a huge 90s/grunge influence big boy meets girl trend where masculine lines combined with flowing feminine pieces with bling or statement colors come together.  Color is not regulated to top or bottoms. You will see lots of colored pants and shorts. The boyfriend grunge flannel patterns are emerging but on a more flattering less boxy silhouette. Have you seen the feminine shirt dress, that has a defined waist…cute!. The 1 piece jumpsuits or jumpers have a waistline to accentuate (or create) the hourglass effect!


Cargo style short shorts & overalls pulled together with a sassy belt or cute shirt tied at waist, hems rolled up, showing off ankles. For the day out when you want to feel pretty or a little less lumber jack…Good news, feminine & flirty is definitely in. Grab yourself a few flowing flowery print frocks are all the rage. Maxi & minis alike!



Pops of color with blinged statement jewelry or scarves. Skin is also in but in a tasteful way…

The legs are the feature this year. Minis are in but butt cheeks are not

.     Image result for pictures of mini dresses

Cover the boot-ay! Leave a little to the imagination. The tatas are covered (statement jewelry!) belly buttons hidden, for the most part. For most people, layers are back. Long tanks w fitted crop tops on top, layered w a short fitted denim jacket or vest. Others will lose the bottom long tank,  expose a little mid-riff, but more rib cage or peek of abs rather than muffin-top bell button. Pair this w a Pencil skirts w high waists like Iggy. Show off the curves.


Lets talk hair…The Ombré is still lingering but the only drama comes from statement colors or its more subtle w less contrast, mostly bc the dry bleached ends are all chopped off…enter the new shorter more blunt Kirk cobaine-like cut that’s still styled somewhat girly w a beachy soft wave (not curled) but a little bed head messy look in a not washed kinda way.

   Image result for short long bob

This hairstyle is edgy and super sexy. The light pink mohawk is a fantastic way to show off your inner punk and stand out in a crowd!  Half shaved hairstyle with long fringe Short hair has a more military inspired look with both or only 1 side shaved. Combining that with a flowing Mohawk-like mane that can be worn swept back or beautifully smoothed to one side, major asymmetry.

For my long lock girls, gone is the face framing/hiding hair. It’s being swept off the face,  sleeked back pony/bun, w a little bump or fullness on top to elongate the face, this can be either smooth & sophisticated or a little wispy & slightly messy.


What about those shoes?

I’m seeing more combat/biker chunky style boot/shoe combined w short cargo shorts. Ankle peep toe booties & other more rugged fashion shoe that shoes off well defined legs.  Converse are a big summer fad. The heels are still a little clunky w a pop of bling…like the heel or an ankle strap w a fancy buckle


Valentino Rockstud Triple-Strap Sandals - Sandals -  NMS15_X2LED

Yes, I sd clunky combat boots w short shorts. Which means get to lunging & squatting…Brazil Buttlift! Or fitted skirts w a chunky yet sexy heel w an ankle strap. More Piyo, please. to lengthen the leg muscles & tighten the core, butt and hamstrings!

Speaking of exercise…clothing that is, the spandex is here to stay…fit is in. Back to the squats, lol. Actually the hiney is shld be covered. I’m predicting a little more modesty, longer shirts or little skirts. Just a little cloth to show less of what you’re working with. This summer fitness wear will be worn as casual wear. It will have street  appeal and as we transition into the fall I expect to see the same things paired with boots & long sweatshirts.


What colors?

Whites & beiges with pops of color that resembles the old neon but slightly different.

Image result for 2015 neon colors fashion      

So heres my advice…get out there and get shopping! I tend to buy separates that can be mixed and matched regardless of the weather. Most of this summers trends will carry on to fall…I actually have no thoughts on what to expect for winter. So lets just start here.

Im no fashion expert but I do follow the trends from the runway to retail shelves. This is  what I predict based on what Ive read and seen. I welcome your opinion and your comments. Im excited to share other fashion and hair tips & trends with you…what would you like to see?


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