Cut the chord…with your scale 

Okay let’s talk about the scale.

 The scale, like your paycheck, doesn’t directly indicate how hard you worked yesterday or this week,  it’s often an indication of the work that you’ve

put in over the last accumulative maybe two three or four weeks

 clx results 1028

If you get on the scale daily, just keep in mind the scale isn’t the best or only measuring tool that yesterday what you ate or didn’t eat had a direct reflection on what you weigh.  

That isn’t 100% of the time because there are sometimes that you eat salt or other ingredients that cause inflammation/swelling/water retention. And then there are times you worked out extremely hard on Monday but you didn’t “feel” the soreness til Thursday, the scale reads 5lbs higher & you know you were spot on with your eating on Wed… which often indicates that you are retaining water (body’s way of repairing muscles) 

  My point…there are a lot of things that go into an accurate reading on your scale. The bottom line is the scale is not the best indication of your health your fitness conditioning and your well-being, it’s simply a component that helps you keep all those things in check

clx results 134

  Do I get in the scale daily? Yep…what the hell?!?!  I know! But I feel I’ve kinda hot the mental tug o war under control. Of course, I want it to be less & less but if it isn’t i don’t panic. I then go put on my clothes, if they cut better then I need to tweek my diet better. 

SO do you weigh daily? Leave me a comment on how many times per week you weigh & how you combat those “heavier” days


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