Critic or Crank…you decide. Portion control…why cant others just help you out?

The other night I was craving pasta & my favorite salad 

(Mistril: romaine, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes, housemade balsamic). I wanted to splurge with Penne ala Vodka, and I need to add a protein (problem: they always char the chicken breast & overcharge for the shrimp, grr). I made the decision that I wasnt going to feel guilty for the calories.

I know this is true…I planned for this to be my Eat day.

So, what did I do? Well, I wanted the pasta, knowing Id only eat 1/2 & I didnt want to have the temptation of the other 1/2, its stupid to pay $14 for 1/2 serving pasta, right? And the salad I wanted is no longer an upcharge option, must buy separate. 

There has to be a way…hmmm, let me review the menu. 

Good news, i might have figured it out. I could order the Mistril salad & kids portion/menu of penne ala vodka. Ummm, nope. The waitress says the kids menu is for 12 & under. (It’s not written even in the finest print on the menu) 

What about  a side of pasta with vodka sauce? Ummm, nope. I can only get marinara sauce.  really? If I ordered a protein entree, I could get a side of penne w a sauce of  my choice w an up charge option for vodka sauce.  Ummm…sorry, cant do that unless you order an entree & pay an upcharge for the vodka sauce. 

Well…I guess its salad only thank you. 

Crank? Was I really being a pain in the ass? Seriously? How hard would it have been to just place a kids portion order for me? I mean, is there someone that counts how many kids come in the restaurant, then compare it to the amount of kids dinners ordered? I think not. 

 I was frustrated that she couldnt respect the fact that I was trying to make a less horrible choice. Not to mention, my bill would have been more, I would have been a happier customer both would have resulted with more money in her pocket. But that didnt happen. Her loss. I dont go to this restaurant often, I think its because Ive seen the prices increases, the portions decrease and the family atmosphere change. I often walk away dissatisfied when I used to walk away satiated…  The place is always clean, service is quick not as friendly as it was, food is good, but Im no longer wow’d 😟 

  I choose not to name the restaurant. Im hoping next time (if there is one) it will be better. 


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