21 Day Fix portion control system. Not a diet, controlled eating

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I have been on my journey to a healthy more authentic me for a really long time! I have had many successes and many failures. I understand being at war with my scale and I totally get it when you eat well work hard but you dont see results. But I also get it when you hop on the scale & are excited to see what it reads or put on the pair of pants that you thought youd never wear! So, tell me….where are you on your journey?  Currently…Im reallly looking at what Im doing in the kitchen!

What have I figured out? The problem is Emotional eating, stuffing my face rather than really expressing my feelings, formerly a desire to drink to suppress my feelings. I do feel Ive got a handle on the drinking. There are days that I just don’t want to go home to an empty house, so I like to go somewhere that I can watch people…I don’t even need to interact, weird, huh?  Recently, Ive been going to the gym, I save my lift til the evening. Its a choice to do something to improve myself. But for some reason the workout doesn’t necessarily fit the bill for my emotional eating. The best defense Ive used is avoidance…Avoid having anything in the house, avoid stopping anywhere that would have anything that I would indulge in. But some days despite being aware of what Im doing to my body, I still indulge. My favorite foods are sweets: chocolate, ice cream, cake, cookies, you name it…Ill eat it. Sure, everybody has these cravings & weaknesses, especially during that week, but I seem to have the problem the week before, the week of and why not carry that on the week after too! I can blame stress, but I know Ive got no more stress than the next person. I could blame my schedule…but I made it and I can manage my time better.  But the truth is…Ive just lost my control! And this lack of control seem to have seeped over to emotional outbursts…Ive been pretty testy lately.

If I try to express myself, I lose my mind! Ive got so much pent up anger and disappointment that I cant even express myself in a sensible manner. So, I find whatever sweet and stupid thing I can eat.  I really need to work on this the most!

Ever been there? It sure sucks. Whats worse, if it were a workout, a last rep, a heavier weight…Id overcome that desire to quit. But food…bad habits…treats…indulgence…beat me everytime! GRRRRR….

So whats my solution? Commit to eating, portion control meal plan for 5 days. Ill be less “controlled” on the weekends. My plan is that I start to be more aware of portions and food choices even when not using my containers and meal plan.

Why not commit to all 7 days? Well, I believe in slow and steady. If in fact, I get toooooo stupid on my less controlled days, then I have to reevaluate my plan…it’s a journey full of learning experiences.

What are these containers I speak of? They are from the 21 day Fix. They are designed for portion control eating.

(get your own containers)

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Workout/Exercise? I have the workout component of healthy living under control. Currently, Im doing the Body Beast program, which does come with its own meal plan…but I struggle with portion control.

Of course, I recommend every do some type of physical activity for 30 minutes daily but you gotta start somewhere…maybe changing your eating habits is a safe place to start…However, if you want more information about workout programs, you can look here

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it lists all the programs. I could also help guide you to the perfect program for you

Can you use the containers with any workout program? Of course! That’s what Im doing. I use the calculation from BodyBeast but the macro recommendations from 21 day fix.

You can follow my journey right here…come back for more!


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